Marina Trubitsky

Marina Trubitsky Reported to Be Manhattan's Favorite Attorney


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2019 --Marina Trubitsky is an Entrepreneur and Attorney from Manhattan, New York. She started her law firm in 2011 and has grown it now to be one of the top law firms in the area. She has worked with thousands of clients on complex personal injury cases, and for the most part, has achieved great outcomes for them in the New York area. Her firms' current focus is to help brain injury victims who have been affected due to the negligence of others.

Marina has a very impressive track record, but that comes as no surprise due to her past experience. Trubitsky graduated from NYU Stern and Fordham law at the top of her class, and it was always said she'd turn out to be a great lawyer. Marina goes above and beyond at all costs to deliver for her clients and works with investigators to provide evidence to the courts if there is a question of liability.

One case most recently was settled for a whopping $125,000 in July of 2019. This was a car minimal damage case, and Marina went above and beyond to deliver for her client. She tracked the car damage through reconstruction reports with mechanical engineers and delivered the result for her client with a nasal injury. One thing that makes this case even more special is the fact that no other attorney wanted to take it on because they thought the client suffered from chronic conditions.

Her last three cases were settled in a healthy fashion, resulting in a total settlement of over $900,000 dollars. Marina has a continual track record of doing whatever it takes to deliver a good outcome, and that's why her clients always leave with a smile on their face. She continues to deliver time and time again, and that's why her past cases have gone so smoothly.

Today, Marina resides and operates out of Manhattan, and runs her law firm with great success. She looks forward to helping many other clients in the future who have been wrongfully injured. Marina Trubitsky goes above and beyond for every client no matter how big or small.

Marina Trubitsky