Marketers Gather Marketing Ideas for Travel from FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 is a software that helps travel marketers add flipbooks to their websites and sell them online.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2016 --Today, FlipHTML5 a company specializing in publishing software announced the introduction of a new software where travel marketers can gather marketing ideas for travel. The company's Chief Technology Officer, Jason Chen, said marketers can now sell digital publications and make a lot of money in the process.

"It's especially useful for marketers who like creating and selling travel Flipbooks. Marketers can now add their Google AdSense Ids and Advertising Banners and if they make any money, all profits are sent directly to their PayPal accounts. They won't be charged any fees."

There is also an SEO feature added to FlipHTML5, said Chen, that helps the travel flipbooks rank well on search engines and a content sharing feature that is useful for Facebook, Twitter and Google plus marketing.

FlipHTML5 which is designed to help travel marketers succeed online, works well on all Android and Apple devices; Windows and Mac, and it contains an engaging homepage feature that allows users to search for content easily, and an email feature that allows marketers to send flipbooks to their readers.

Most useful of all, said Chen, is a feature that tracks how many people visit a website, read the content and the shares made online. Customizations like adding logos, videos, and audio are also supported. And if marketers want to customize to their country's language, they can do so. There is an Interface Language Localization feature that allows a marketer to customize to his or her mother tongue, and an Auto Flipping Mode that allows for easy reading online.

Custom backgrounds can be changed. And if marketers don't like the background image of their publications, they can use the Custom Background Image feature to change the image. To show how inspiring the software is, Chen talked about the background music feature. Which allows marketers to add MP3 and help users feel relaxed in the online reading process. Any type of music can be added to the background music feature, and it plays the whole time as a reader is busy reading through the content.

To learn more about marketing ideas for travel, marketers can visit http://fliphtml5.com/small-business/online-travel-marketing/.

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