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Marketing Strategy Company, Brink Insights Launches New Website and Suite of Products to Tech Focused Businesses

The new brings with it a new suite of digital audit products, especially for small and growing tech companies.


Kansas City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/30/2017 --Veteran marketer, Jayme Thomason of Brink Insights has redefined the company's offerings and launched a new website at Thomason's decade-long career of building successful digital strategies for businesses of all sizes has led up to the new offering. Brink Insights now has products for companies at all stages, including free, small-scale website audits and free insight-packed downloadable resources created for marketing executives and founders of software/technology companies. In addition to their consulting services, the new site announces a suite of digital audit products that Thomason created over the past 10 years, especially geared towards small and growing tech companies.

"Historically, we've focused on private consulting with larger clients, but we constantly have companies come to us who don't have the budget to hire a full-service digital strategy agency, so we wanted to find a way to help, explains Brink Insights Founder, Jayme Thomason. "While our software strategy consulting services have been modeled for larger software companies, we discovered that we could scale our solutions in smarter ways to serve a larger number of companies, while maintaining the high-quality insights and strategies that my clients have come to know and trust. Quality and experience are my primary concern, even in these smaller engagements. The new website showcases this new smaller, leaner, more efficient line-up of services."

For the past year and a half, Brink Insights Strategists have built digital marketing strategies for SaaS companies, healthcare tech companies, B2B companies launching custom applications, software development firms, cloud solution companies, fellow marketing agencies, and companies focused on making their digital products work smarter.

Some of the results of the company's strategy work have included:

- A 300% increase in traffic with an average 35% conversion rate from visitor to lead for a Kansas City-based software company.

- 7 custom asset campaigns released over a period of a year, each converting at an average of 36%.

- An increase of over 1000% in social media engagement for a Kansas City marketing firm.

- Successfully launched a beta application for a manufacturing company that has doubled the company's website traffic and generated 100 new leads within the first 30 days.

- Built a go-to-market strategy for a brand new web application that helped a Kansas City-based insurance company gain over a million views and thousands of new customers within the first few months of launch.

- Re-built a global software company's email program and brought open rates from 3% to 30% and increased list size at a pace of 1000 per week.

While the new Brink Insights website characterizes the company's results-focused culture, it also highlights their commitment to a philosophy they call Essentialism Marketing. Thomason explains this concept as approaching marketing the same way you approach a software build, by building only what you need, when you need it - nothing more.

"I've spent most of my career studying operating models like Lean, Agile, Jobs-to-be-Done, Rapid Deployment and the Google Design Sprints and letting them inspire the way I build strategy. These methods, while different in application, all believe in the fundamental importance of shipping product faster, more efficiently and with fewer defects. I believe these principles apply very well to digital marketing - especially in today's marketing overloaded world," Thomason explains.

Brink Insights has designed a suite of powerful, yet affordable Essentialist Audit products designed with the overwhelmed product owner/marketer in mind. The Essentialist Audits help companies of all types understand how their digital products (websites or applications) are working and how they can improve their systems. Each audit provides current metrics, insights and prioritized recommendations. The company launched their site with four Essentialist Audit products, including:

- Basic Audit for Startups
- Digital Content Audit
- Lead Generation Audit
- Marketing Technology Audit

"These audits are invaluable to companies. Our team is not only able to uncover the problems companies have in their complex marketing systems, but we're also able to show them how they can streamline and really focus on their highest potential activities. It's like a breath of fresh air for our clients who tell us they just can't keep up this pace. We show them how to simplify," Thomason said.

Companies can choose one audit, or combine audits into a more comprehensive analysis. Working with Brink Insights begins with a simple form so the team can quickly analyze whether companies meet the standard criteria for the audit requested. Once approved, Brink Insights Strategists speak with the companies via phone, and then complete the audits in just a few weeks. Audit findings and recommendations are presented, and the companies can then implement the recommendations themselves or partner with Brink Insights in month-to-month execution engagements.

Jayme explains: "While we do work with a lot of SaaS and software companies, we're also taking a lot of engagements from companies whose primary business models are not software, but they're building and launching software and tools for their businesses as well. We've worked with manufacturing companies and insurance companies to help them capitalize on the tech opportunity. We specialize in 'ground-zero,' meaning that, we can help companies launch from nothing. But we also work with growth stage and companies ready for scale who know they need to change something, but just don't know what."

She added that Brink Insights Software Marketing will continue to offer full-service strategy and production for tech companies, 'ghost' analysis and strategy services for fellow marketing agencies and software development firms, and private and team consulting for businesses. Thomason hopes the refining of their product offering helps the company reach more tech companies in a broader geographic area and help their clients achieve their growth goals.

More information can be found on the new site at

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