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Marriage Coach in St. Louis Helps Couples Overcome "Mid-Life Crises" in Relationships

David Rispoli helps couples in mature relationships overcome mid-life crises


O'Fallon, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2016 --St. Louis marriage coach David Rispoli is helping couples that have encountered a mid-life crisis in their relationship find the keys to having a happy, successful relationship once again. As a professional marriage coach, David Rispoli has helped thousands of couples throughout his career in various stages of their relationships, providing them with the tools to rekindle happiness and fulfillment in their marriages.

As a marriage coach, David Rispoli often works with couples that are going through a "mid-life crisis" in their marriage when both individuals feel like the other may have changed or they are no longer in love with their spouse. To help people overcome this crisis and revitalize happiness and love in their marriage rather than looking to material things and physical changes, he recommends following five rules.

Couples going through a mid-life crisis should first remember that this period of differences is just a phase and it will end. They should utilize love and patience, work and focus on their own individual happiness, be cautious of who they seek counsel from, and simply not give up on their marriage but rather stay committed to seeing these changes through.

David Rispoli has helped individuals even in the most troubled relationships once again find love, happiness, and friendship in their marriages. The services he offers couples differ from traditional marriage counseling in that his marriage coaching approach is rooted in personal growth values rather than psychiatry and medicine. He focuses on helping clients move toward a higher level of functioning in their individual lives as well as in their relationship. He coaches them through problem solving skills and helps them implement effective choices in a manner that improves their relationship.

St. Louis Marriage Coaching offers relationship coaching services in-person to couples in the local area, as well as those who live out of state and even out of the country through Skype sessions. In the initial consultation, clients will be provided with a roadmap to achieving the type of relationship each individual seeks based on the current state of their marriage. David Rispoli then offers weekly one-on-one sessions for couples on a monthly basis to help them navigate that roadmap. In addition, he also offers clients several other resources such as a blog, online library, and the ability to call or email him outside of regularly scheduled sessions.

About David Rispoli
As the founder of St. Louis Marriage Coaching, David Rispoli has more than 20 years of experience helping couples and individuals achieve success in their relationships and professional lives. He received a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Slippery Rock University as well as an MBA in Human Resource Management. In addition to his career as a marriage coach, David Rispoli has also practiced as a professional team building specialist and certified anger management counselor.

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