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Experienced Maryland Bankruptcy Attorneys Advise on Importance of Resolving Financial Difficulties Ahead of the Holiday Season

Whether it's by filing bankruptcy or seeking alternative solutions, getting on track before the holiday season is crucial to long-term financial success for individuals and families.


Bethesda, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/02/2016 --The holiday season is one of increased financial stress for many individuals and families, and getting ahead of the game and seeking solutions before the holidays are the most successful approaches to long-term financial freedom. The Maryland bankruptcy lawyers at Goren & Tucci, LLC, with more than 40 combined years of bankruptcy experience, want to advise prospective clients on how they can take steps towards improving their financial circumstances before they become worse.

Filing for bankruptcy provides immediate financial assistance for many individuals via the bankruptcy automatic stay mechanism. This kicks in as soon as bankruptcy is filed and does not require waiting until the end of a case, and offers benefits such as stopping wage garnishments. This helps to clear up financial resources for those who file, which is especially important at this time of the year.

There are also alternatives to bankruptcy which can offer quick and positive outcomes. This may include debt reorganization, negotiation or settlement, consolidation, or loan modification. Once again, this helps any individual to clear up his or her financial picture, making more resources immediately available by reducing monthly payments.

"We hear many stories from people who take the approach of 'well, we'll just continue to spend as usual and enjoy the holidays' rather than getting an early start at fixing the problem," says Robert K. Goren of Goren & Tucci. "This only makes matters worse in the long run."

Taking action now allows an individual to stop that debt from snowballing out of control, whether through bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy solutions. Immediate action frees up more cash today, and prevents more debt from getting out to a situation which is not manageable.

"Whether it's with the help of the automatic stay, or alternatively, we fight on your behalf to negotiate your debt down and reduce your monthly obligations, immediate relief is a true possibility," adds Brian A. Tucci of Goren & Tucci.

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