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Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyers at the Law Offices of Brian A. Tucci, LLC, Deliver Successful Non-Bankruptcy Resolutions

An experienced local bankruptcy attorney will be able to deliver positive outcomes with non-bankruptcy solutions and bankruptcy alternatives.


Bethesda, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2015 --The Law Offices of Brian A. Tucci, LLC, emphasizes the importance to their clients that there are often non-bankruptcy resolutions to financial problems, and for some, this delivers superior results. Filing bankruptcy is not necessary for a wide range of individuals dependent upon their specific circumstances.

"Even under intense financial pressure, bankruptcy is not always the best choice," says Brian A. Tucci, Esq. "It's rewarding for not only the client, but for myself, to be able to deliver a solution without needing to file bankruptcy. We pride ourselves on our ability to generate successful resolutions beyond the confines of bankruptcy."

As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland, Mr. Tucci and his firm have a long track record of delivering positive outcomes with bankruptcy alternatives and will help guide clients in the decision-making process. Non-bankruptcy solutions include options such as loan modifications and workouts, direct lender negotiations, settlements, and compromises.

Many individuals assume that bankruptcy is the only choice, but this is not always the case. Filing bankruptcy can be avoided, and when it is possible to do so, this is typically a preferable route for a person's financial future.

It's important to understand that different circumstances will lend themselves better to different types of solutions, and that no two cases are the same. A wide range of different variables will have an impact on whether or not it makes sense for a particular individual to file bankruptcy.

Another important step is to choose the correct bankruptcy chapter. Chapter 7, Chapter, 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Maryland have unique aspects that can be used for different people or different circumstances.

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