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While not all bankruptcy filings are contested and go to litigation, many will be, and the Maryland bankruptcy lawyers at Goren & Tucci want to help explain to clients what to expect.


Bethesda, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/15/2016 --Bankruptcy cases may unfold in a number of different manners, and the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Goren & Tucci, LLC, believe it's important to advise clients on the possibilities. One of the largest misunderstandings regarding bankruptcy is that of bankruptcy litigation cases, what they entail, and when they occur, yet it's crucial to understand the possibility.

Bankruptcy litigation does not occur in every instance of a bankruptcy case being filed, and the larger share of cases actually do not go through the litigation process. When litigation does not occur, this means that the bankruptcy case in question is uncontested by creditors, lenders, and other parties, such as the bankruptcy trustee of the case.

As such, bankruptcy litigation cases then involve any action initiated by someone beyond the debtor's attorney after the case has been filed, including the aforementioned parties. Bankruptcy litigation therefore also includes a broad range of potential actions.

Several common forms of litigation may include a motion for relief from the automatic stay, objections to a debt discharge via chapter 7 bankruptcy or to a debt repayment plan via chapter 13 bankruptcy, or a motion for turnover, in which the bankruptcy trustee demands that monetary funds are turned over for distribution to creditors.

The potential for litigation in a bankruptcy case is one of many reasons that it's so important to seek experienced legal assistance. A local bankruptcy law firm will know the ins and outs of all pertinent state regulations, and will have direct firsthand knowledge and insight on how to proceed.

In addition to litigation, there is an array of further areas which may require assistance. This includes whether or not filing bankruptcy is the correct option to begin with, as a variety of non-bankruptcy solutions and alternatives may provide superior outcomes depending on the particulars of a person's finances.

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