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Maryland First-Grader Spends Savings to Make COVID-19 Care Packs for the Elderly and Feeds 90 Underprivileged Students

‘Love is greater than the coronavirus’, elementary school philanthropist hopes to inspire kids nationwide to spread love and positivity to others.


Gaithersburg, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2020 --While people across the country rushed to stores to buy household essentials for their families, 7-year-old Cavanaugh Bell dug deep into his piggy bank to use $600 of his own money to make care packs for the most affected: senior citizens. His genuine act of kindness was inspired by his love and passion to care for his 74-year-old maternal grandmother, Delores Simmons.

As a longtime resident of Gaithersburg, MD, Delores suffers with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), developed from working in hazardous conditions as a Power Plant Technician. Recently she has had to rely on an inhaler as her symptoms have worsened, making it difficult at times for her to endure the half-mile walk to her local grocery store.

"My grandma is my best, best friend and she doesn't have a car. When she needs groceries she has to walk to the store and that makes me scared for her since it is coronavirus season. But, I thought if I wanted to help my grandma then I should help all of the senior citizens in her building too so they could stay safe," Bell explained in a recent interview at his home.

After gathering his savings, accumulated over multiple birthdays and Christmases, Cavanaugh went to Target to buy a host of toiletries, non-perishable foods, and cleaning supplies. With the help of his older cousins, who he calls his "Cool & Dope crew", Cavanaugh was able to assemble and distribute 68 care packs in total to the Hillside Senior Apartment Homes in Gaithersburg. Although Cavanaugh didn't have enough money to create care packs for all 125 residents, he went to social media to ask for donations. Through the generosity of local donors, he was able to raise an additional $325 which he used to order 31 hot meals to give to additional senior citizens as Maryland restaurants were ordered to close. The remaining money raised was used to purchase food that Cavanaugh donated to So What Else, Inc. to feed 90 underprivileged students in Rockville, MD.

Giving back to his local community and inspiring others to act is nothing new for the affectionate first grader. His philanthropic journey began in 2018, at just five years old, when he went to social media to help his mother, Llacey Simmons, raise $4,300 to purchase 18 pallets of water (48,384 bottles) for elderly residents in Flint, MI. Following that, Cavanaugh started his own nonprofit, Cool & Dope and has since combined his love to help others with his passion to stop bullying through social and political action such as speaking before City, County, State, and Federal lawmakers, advocating for legislative change, and raising awareness of youth suicide.

With his current COVID-19 care pack initiative, Cavanaugh hopes to raise $25,000 to create additional kid-led care pack distribution sites for the elderly and those in need across the country, during the current COVID-19 pandemic. To support Cavanaugh's care pack campaign or to learn more about his previous and current philanthropic work, visit

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Cool & Dope Corp was started in January 2019 by then six-year-old social justice activist, Cavanaugh Bell after being told that he was too young to volunteer. As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, Cool & Dope's mission is to eradicate all bullying worldwide by November 20, 2030. To do this, the organization's tribe of Positivity Creators advocates for bullying victims by lobbying lawmakers to enforce stricter bullying prevention measures; creating educational resources for teachers, parents, and students; and by inspiring people of all ages to give back to their communities to spread more love and positivity.

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