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Maryland Has Highest Foreclosure Rate in United States According to Most Recent Statistics

Despite nationwide recovery, the state of Maryland currently has the highest rate of foreclosures in the United States. Maryland bankruptcy firm Goren & Tucci helps clients keep their homes.


Bethesda, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2016 --The latest available statistics from April 2016 show that Maryland has the highest foreclosure rate of any state in the country. Bankruptcy lawyers in Maryland Goren & Tucci, LLC, are familiar with the local market, and advise prospective clients on the most recent data, as well as how bankruptcy may provide a viable solution to stop foreclosure and keep one's home.

All data is provided from RealtyTrac.com and made accessible to the public. According to those figures, Maryland has one in every 535 homes in foreclosure. That translates to a .19 percent rate, more than double the national figure of .08 percent. Even as many other areas have experienced recovery, Maryland remains the hardest hit.

Within Maryland, Baltimore City has the highest county-wide rate, with one in every 287 homes, followed by Prince George's County, with one in every 357 homes. With an office in Greenbelt and serving directly as PG county bankruptcy attorneys, Goren & Tucci have handled countless numbers of foreclosure-related bankruptcy cases in this area, throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Norther Virginia.

With limited exception, filing bankruptcy before the sale will stop a foreclosure, enabling homeowners to keep their property. Unfortunately, many people don't take action before the sale. Recent case law in Maryland may allow for a post-sale bankruptcy filing to allow the homeowner to claw back the property. To see if you may qualify, please contact Goren & Tucci for a free consultation.

In other instances, certain homeowners do not seek to maintain ownership of their home. They are not filing bankruptcy to stop foreclosure in Maryland, but rather, using bankruptcy as a potentially useful tool to avoid lender deficiency claims and to wipe out other debts.

With more than 40 years of experience as bankruptcy attorneys in Maryland, Goren & Tucci has the knowledge and firsthand insight required to successfully navigate all matters involving foreclosure and bankruptcy. As homeowners in Maryland continue to feel this crunch, it's crucial that anyone in this position takes action quickly and seeks experienced guidance for protection and assistance.

Learn more about how Goren & Tucci may be able to help as a bankruptcy attorney in Maryland to stop foreclosure before it's too late. Visit GorenTucciLaw.com for more information, or call the office directly at 301-977-4300 to speak with a representative and schedule a free consultation.

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