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Cockeysville, Maryland Mortgage Consultant Reveals Insider Loan Secrets Other Mortgage Lenders Don't Want the Public to Know

Cockeysville, Maryland Based Mortgage Lender Michael Mandis reveals mortgage secrets on their new web site, which is full of free reports, a Home Buying Guide, and free mortgage calculators. The site is designed to give consumers all the facts so they can make educated decisions when obtaining a mortgage. Consumers can now make all the right mortgage financing decisions, for all the right reasons.


Cockeysville, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2012 --Cockeysville Maryland based Mortgage Expert finally reveals the secrets at their new website

This site is loaded with FREE REPORTS, an informative FREE Home Buying Guide, mortgage calculators consumers can use to run various loan scenarios, and home buying resources you can use to save time and money before and after your home purchase.

If you're planning to buy your next home, your first home, that dream home, a condo, vacation home, investment property, or looking to refinance in Maryland or Pennsylvania, you will find this site to be a complete resource full of insider secrets that will allow you to choose the best loan program best suited to your specific financial needs.

Here is just a small sample of the secrets revealed on this site...

*Little Known Secrets That Will Show You How To Improve Your Credit Score

* Important Terms You Must Know BEFORE Obtaining A Mortgage

* Tested and Proven Strategies For Building A Better Credit Record Faster and Easier

*The Top Mortgage Questions Borrowers Must Ask Before Applying For A Mortgage

* How To Finally Stop Renting And Own A Home Of Your Own

* How To Own A Home With Low Interest Rates And A Low Down Payment, Regardless Of Your Credit

* 7 Things You Should NOT Do When Applying For A Home Loan

* 12 Secrets To Lowering Your Homeowners Insurance Cost Your Agent Doesn't Want You To Know

Cockeysville, Maryland - based mortgage expert Michael Mandis specializes in providing information to consumers that allows them to make informed decisions about their mortgage financing options and learn the insider secrets that can save them thousands of dollars over the life of their loan.

Michael Mandis is available for interviews and will welcome all your mortgage related questions.

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