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MASA Architectural Canopies Offers Aluminum Frames and Canopies


Piscataway, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2022 --MASA Architectural Canopies, the national leader in the business of building shading and canopy projections for more than two decades, is pleased to feature aluminum frames and canopies for buildings of all shapes and sizes. Aluminum makes a great medium for these outdoor fixtures for a number of reasons, and we have a variety of different building canopy and awning styles ready for your building, or we can custom design and manufacture just what you are looking for as a statement piece.

Often when people talk about using aluminum for anything, they are thinking of something easily crushed or manipulated like a beer can. What they don't realize is that those are very thin-walled containers and that is not what MASA Architectural Canopies handles. They use thick-walled tubular aluminum and other stiff aluminum materials to build the aluminum frames and canopies.

These structures don't easily bend or break, making them ideal for mounting on the exterior of a building when clients want both strength and light weight. Along with the weight reduction compared to many other materials, aluminum does not rust which means it will not be losing the load-carrying capacity over time.

They can do the more traditional awnings like a waterfall with valance, patio style slanted, or a half barrel design for over walkways, or they can custom design a special awning with curves and angles that match the distinct style and color.

These can be mounted with hangar rods with a variety of wall plates to match and complement a building, or clients might choose to have posts on the outer edge or make it a cantilever option where it looks to be floating from your building.

MASA Architectural Canopies is the national leader in building canopies and awnings. Their use of aluminum for frames and canopies allows for unique shapes and sizes perfect for all sorts of applications.

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