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Massachusetts Dental Practice Uses New Technology to Fight Problem Headaches

Agawam Dental Associates now using advanced TruDenta headache relief treatments for dental patients in Massachusetts


Feeding Hills, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/20/2014 --Agawam Dental Associates in Massachusetts is now leveraging the advanced power of the TruDenta headache treatment system for patients who are suffering problematic, chronic headache, neck and jaw pain. Using the combined knowledge of dental science and the power of TruDenta technology, Agawam patients are seeing much-needed relief for jaw soreness and headaches. It is known that the human bite ages along with the rest of the body. As the joints and bones of the jaw wear down and the teeth wear and move about slightly over time in the mouth, the way humans bite and rest their jaws will also shift. Teeth wear at different rates depending on their position in the mouth, and various forms of dental work will take their toll as well. Fillings, crowns and implants are fashioned from amalgam, metals, ceramic and other materials. These various materials also deteriorate at different rates, and may cause improper alignment of the teeth, which in turn can force the jaw muscles and tendons to overcompensate. In addition, joints and cartilage lose thickness throughout the body as it ages. The changes in the way our mouth, teeth, jaw and muscles interact can cause headache and jaw pain symptoms that are now targeted for treatment by the TruDenta system.

Car accidents, sports injuries or head bumps can cause force-related headache symptoms to develop. Many patients begin experiencing current head pain from trauma, concussions or accidents that have occurred in the distant past or are long-forgotten. Head, neck, or jaw trauma may result in stretched or torn ligaments and muscles which, unseen and undiagnosed for months or years, can result in eventual strain and soreness as the tissue fatigues and wears out. In addition to injury or accidents, past dental procedures and orthodontics can result in symptoms of pain. Poor adaptation to dental work, aged and worn restorative materials and poor adaptation to orthodontic changes can cause head pain and long-term headache problems. Wisdom teeth extraction is also a potential source of these symptoms.

Stress, diet, posture and “desk fatigue” caused by hours of computer usage can also lead to pain symptoms that manifest in headache form. The TruDenta system is a revolutionary procedure designed to diagnose and treat headaches, migraines, face and jaw pain, and other recurring discomforts of the head, neck, mouth, and jaw. A series of non-invasive, pain-free tests serve to uncover the underlying cause of pain symptoms and help develop a personalized therapy program designed to encourage lasting resolution of each patient’s migraine and headache pain. To learn more about dental care and the TruDenta system, visit Agawam Dental Associates online at