Mark Paigen

Massachusetts Menswear Brand Encourages Community to Buy Locally Made Clothing


Stoneham, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2014 --Osmium, a menswear company based in Stoneham, MA, encourages the New England community to buy locally made products and focus on smaller, independent businesses. The Northeast has a rich history in textiles mills and shoe factories, and though most of this business has moved offshore, a growing number of brands are bringing manufacturing back to the area. Osmium’s clothing is cut and sewn in the Boston area. Other clothing companies committed to clothing production in the bay state include Ball and Buck, The New England Shirt Company, Sterling Outerwear and Vanson Leathers. “Producing clothing in Massachusetts has created camaraderie between Osmium and other manufacturers in the state.” says Osmium employee, Ben Moran. “We all help each other by growing the industry and the needed infrastructure.” In this fast paced, global economy, smaller independent brands can be overshadowed by the large multinationals. It is however, these smaller businesses that hold the key to strengthening our economy.

Buying locally made products helps in the following ways:

-Investment in local communities builds employment and economic vitality
-Local manufacturing reduces the environmental impact of transoceanic shipments
-Bringing manufacturing back diversifies our service based economy and provides resilience in uncertain times
-Civic pride is enhanced when products are built in local communities

Osmium has been producing their line of uncommon and enduring clothing in Massachusetts since their launch in 2012. Founder and designer, Mark Paigen built the brand around three main concepts; classic styling with modern fit and functionality, domestic production and, rejecting ‘fast fashion’ by offering higher quality, longer lasting garments. “It is time”, says Paigen, “to prioritize domestically made goods and build the American economy from the ground up.”

About Osmium
Osmium’s line of unique men’s clothing is designed and manufactured in Massachusetts. The brand is inspired by the rarest and densest element in the periodic table. The line is created for men with authentic style who appreciate a look that is distinctive, yet understated. Osmium products perfectly blend an enduring, classic aesthetic with incredibly convenient, functional details.

For further Information about Osmium, contact Ben Moran at (781) 435-0662 or at