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Master Eye Associates Offers Big Discount on LASIK Surgery in North Austin

Approved surgical candidates save $600 on bilateral LASIK or PRK


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/28/2014 --The eye care professionals at Master Eye Associates are making it possible for more people to explore the idea of lens-free vision correction. They now offer complimentary laser eye surgery consultations and large discounts to patients who are good candidates for a LASIK or PRK procedure. For a limited time, Master Eye Associates is giving patients who qualify $600 off bilateral LASIK or PRK.

Compared to laser eye surgery, few other elective procedures have such a major impact on a person’s day-to-day routines. Following a successful surgery, patients report that no longer having to look for their glasses or put in contacts is even more liberating than anticipated. Wearing glasses is something people tend to get used to over a long period of time and they forgot how much of a burden it can be. Anyone who’s lost or broken their only pair of corrective lenses on a trip will agree. That said, it is the responsibility of the eye care provider and the patient to confront the real risks that come along with any surgical procedure.

Master Eye Associates urges anyone considering LASIK or PRK to think carefully and reasonably about what they expect the outcome of their surgery to be. It’s true, it is up to the doctor to set realistic goals, but the patient must also make sure they ask plenty of questions and take the answers they get seriously. Even though the vast majority of LASIK patients end up pleased with their results, perfect 20/20 vision is by no means guaranteed. If any eye care center promoting LASIK eye surgery claims otherwise, consider it a warning sign.

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