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Master Eye Associates Provides Information on Two New Types of Contact Lenses

Master Eye Associates Central Texas locations now informing the public about Air Optix Night and Day Aqua and Avaira contact lenses for improved comfort and corneal health


Bee Cave, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2014 --Master Eye Associates’ Central Texas optometrist offices have expanded their recommended contact lenses list by offering information on two new types of contact lenses that improve oxygen flow, comfort and effectiveness for wearers. Changes in design and movements forward in contact lens material technology have provided wearers with new standards for comfort and eye health, and Master Eye Associates is proud to add new recommendations for their customers throughout Central Texas. Two new leaps forward in contact lens technology include new Air Optix™ Night and Day Aqua soft contact lenses and Avaira™ contact lenses with Aquaform™ Technology.

Air Optix Night & Day Aqua lenses boast a more comfortable wear than previous types. This improvement is a result of advancement in lens design, and the way the material interacts with the cornea. An improved interaction angle allows the lens to rest more comfortably on the cornea and also improves the retention of moisture, keeping the eye moist and preventing the lens from drying out. The result for the wearer is smoother, faster adaptation and improved comfort, owed to the advanced material’s minimal rate of dehydration and ultra-smooth surface, which reduces lens deposits and maintains better placement and overall comfort. As an added convenience, Air Optix Night & Day Aqua lenses bear a slight blue hue which allows them to be seen more easily than un-colored lenses in case they’re dropped, or when they’re being applied. This tint will not change the color of the wearers’ eyes.

Avaira™ contact lenses also provide an improved comfort level due to the utilization of an advanced material employing Aquaform™ Technology. This material allows the extended moisture of the contact lens by attracting and binding water to itself, reducing dryness and maintaining consistent moisture and comfort for the wearer. The material used to create Avaira lenses is softer than similar 14-day silicone-hydrogel disposable soft lenses. The material allows plenty of oxygen to reach the cornea, which contributes to overall eye health, as the cornea itself requires constant moisture and oxygen to function properly. Avaira contacts also absorb UV light. To round out the suite of advanced developments found in these lenses, they are designed with aspheric optics to improve wearers’ vision by reducing spherical aberrations in both the lens and the human eye. Avaira is approved for daily wear but are to be removed overnight. To learn more about the rest of the products that Master Eye Associates recommends, or to schedule an appointment, visit them online at