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Masters Mashups Book Series Makes History Relevant to a Generation in Search of Heroes

With a heart to help Generation Z achieve their goals, author Melissa G. Wilson employs the mashup tactic to get well-deserved attention. Enjoying the strong success of her Masters Mashups book series, Wilson takes history up a notch and helps tweens and teens make strides in their learning.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/07/2015 --Bringing a new kind of relevance to history with a mashable twist, bestselling author Melissa G. Wilson enjoys the success of her Masters Mashups book series. With 18 books to her credit she's now ventured into the teen genre, positioning her latest book series to take Generation Z to new heights. And what's the vehicle she's chosen for these life-boosting strides? Personality mashups by way of the written word. Assuring readers that there's little difference between those in the history books and the stars of stage, screen and page.

Dedicated to getting books in the marketplace that endeavor to make the world a better place, Wilson, also the founder of Networlding Publishing, multi-tasks. To that end, the Masters Mashups book series takes four romps through the life and times of a queen, multiple princesses, rockstars and qualifying literary greats.

Shedding light on commonalities, Wilson entertainingly 'mashes' horror and sonnets in "Mashups for Teens: From Shakespeare to Steven King". She makes the read fun with everything from the two writer's humanitarian views to revenge, debauchery and controversies.

The second book in Wilson's Masters Mashups book series is entitled "Mashups for Teens: From Marie Antoinette to Madonna". Not typically mashed, the iconic women do have similarities. Both were raised with deeply religious upbringings via headstrong mothers. When seen side by side, readers can identify a new perspective on tremendous fame and its unyielding counterparts.

Coupling animation with an iconic pop music game changer, Wilson writes the third book in the series. In "Mashups for Teens: From Sleeping Beauty to Beyonce" the author imparts the truth about success and what it takes to get there. On the other hand, she highlights the virtues of introversion and brings new value to the quiet side in "Mashups for Teens: From Princes Grace to Princess Kate". The book rounds out the series with a look at royalty and the juxtaposition between tremendous fame and shyness.

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