Math4Minors Publishes Third Book in Math MileMarkers Series: 'Charlie in Fraction City'

Latest release from Math MileMarkers provides elementary school learners with in-depth understanding of fractions through a cheerful, child-friendly story


Tallman, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2016 --Math4Minors has released the third book in its successful Math MileMarkers series, entitled "Charlie in Fraction City: A math-infused story about understanding fractions as part of a whole."

As the newest book in the Math MileMarkers series, "Charlie in Fraction City" heightens learners' understanding of fractions by addressing foundational skills that are often misunderstood in the classroom. The book uses a cheerful story to help children in kindergarten to fifth grade uncover the secret to the true meaning of fractions.

In the latest book, children go on an adventure with lead-character Charlie, who demonstrates that, while fractions get most of the attention, the true hero of the fraction world is the whole. Readers follow along as Charlie helps each fractional piece understand what it takes to be a unit fraction, revealing key terms in the fraction world along the way. Throughout his journey, Charlie underscores the importance of each fraction's role as part of the whole, thereby helping young learners to comprehend and apply meaning to each fractional piece's value.

"We are thrilled to release 'Charlie in Fraction City' as an innovative way for elementary school learners to develop a thorough understanding of fractions," said Lynda Brennan, author of the Math MileMarkers series and founder of Math4Minors. "Through this new book, parents and teachers can engage students in a captivating story that demonstrates key mathematic principles and helps children find success in the classroom."

About "Charlie in Fraction City"
"Charlie in Fraction City" is a read-aloud story as well as an instructional tool to be used as a curriculum companion. The book's lessons directly adhere to common core and state learning standards. Additionally, the story allows parents and teachers alike to map the mathematical journey readers take as their understanding of fractional concepts progresses. The story's end features a Math MileMarkers question that helps readers apply their new math skills in a relevant, real-life manner.

Math MileMarkers' real-world application stems from celebrated series author and Math4Minors founder, Lynda Brennan. With more than 23 years of experience working in education, Brennan developed a uniquely compelling series of tools that help students calm, command and conquer elementary math curriculum.

"As an educator and classroom math specialist, I see first-hand how important it is for elementary students to be engaged in the learning process," said Brennan. "Through Math MileMarkers, readers are able to develop and apply essential math skills that will help them prepare for new educational challenges and elevated learning."

"Charlie in Fraction City" and all Math MileMarkers books are available for purchase from the Math4Minors and Math MileMarkers' websites ( and, as well as, Baker and Taylor and most academic distributors.