Math4Minors Releases First Two Books in Math MileMarkers Series: 'Miss Penny Says Prove It!' and 'On My Way to Grandma's House'

New instructional book series helps pre-K to grade 5 students calm, command and conquer elementary math curriculum


Tallman, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/11/2015 --Math4Minors has released the first two books in its Math MileMarkersTM series, a collection of educational books that combine child-friendly stories with standards-based educational resources.

The relevant, math-infused stories connect real-life situations to Common Core and state standards and are ideal for exploring key concepts in numeracy, promoting rich math talk and adding a spark to elementary math curriculum. They are helpful instructional tools for teachers due to their ease of use, and students connect well with the wide range of characters, allowing them to uncover numerous meaningful learning experiences embedded in each story.

Lynda Brennan, author of the Math MileMarkers series and founder of Math4Minors, has been in the education field for more than 23 years. After many years as a K-5 math specialist and elementary classroom teacher assigned to a Title I school, she set out to create a series of products that could energize new standards and foster in-depth understanding of math concepts. Brennan was recently featured at two national conferences, and her message on how to calm, command and conquer the elementary math curriculum has been well received by teachers and administrators across the country.

About "Miss Penny Says Prove It!"
"Miss Penny Says Prove It!" is a heartwarming children's book about a teacher and her unique young students. In the book, Miss Penny's lively class seeks to determine how many marbles Bobby could possibly have packed into his back pocket. In their quest for an answer, the class discusses important topics, such as the quantitative understandings of numbers, estimation, counting strategies and much more. The book lays the foundation for the most essential numeracy skills and provides teachers and parents with a clear view of the stages children move through as they establish true number knowledge.

About "On My Way to Grandma's House."
The second book in the series is "On My Way to Grandma's House." At first glance, this original story about Lily River and the adventures she has trying to get to her grandmother's house seems to focus primarily on the concept of rounding numbers. However, rather than looking at rounding as an isolated skill, Math MileMarkers uses the opportunity to encourage readers to uncover the infinite possibilities of numbers and the ultimate power tool: the number line.

The Math MileMarkers series is unique in that it's presented from the perspective of an elementary teacher who actively works to help children find meaning and success within the math curriculum every day.

"Our goal is to build strong foundational skills by highlighting the very best research-based strategies in the field of math and making relevant connections for students via simple stories," Brennan said. "We strive to make math instruction meaningful and—dare we say—fun."

"Miss Penny Says Prove It!" and "On My Way to Grandma's House" are available for purchase from the Math4Minors and Math MileMarkers' websites ( and, as well as, Baker and Taylor and most academic distributors.