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Mattress Company Welcomes Spring in Style

Layla Sleep has announced a special Spring season discount


Freemont, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2017 --Layla Sleep, an American mattress company who specializes in copper infused dual firmness memory foam mattresses have announced discounts on their highly sought after products. In welcoming spring, they have offered all their customers $60 off their mattress purchase. This means that if one buys a twin size mattress, they are saving nearly a fifth of the original price. Similarly, purchase of the King size mattress, saves nearly a tenth of the total price.

The mattresses come with a four month trial period, according to the website;

'You can sleep on your Layla for up to 4 months after the purchase date. However, since you have been sleeping on a particular mattress for a long time, we ask that you allow your body to get used to your new Layla and wait at least two weeks before you decide whether or not you love it.'

Another standout feature provided by Layla was mentioned earlier; dual firmness. According to Inside Sleep Reviews, a specialist in mattress reviews, the Layla mattresses are like two beds in one.

'One side is firm and the other side is soft, so you are getting two beds in one, that's pretty cool.'

In another review by Ross from Mattress Insiders, he said the following regarding the dual firmness feature;

'So there is a little more versatility there than you are going to find with some other traditional one feel mattresses... If you are a back sleeper, the Layla conforms very well to the contour of your lower back and gives you lumbar support.'

On their website, Layla has set up a platform where customers can write reviews and rate their mattress. The majority of their reviews are five-star. Here is an excerpt from one of those reviews; ;

'My name is "Casper" and I was seeing advertisements for the "Casper" mattress - so I thought I would check out their website. I was reading the Casper reviews - both good and not perfect. One reviewer was not as pleased as they thought they could be and recommended the Layla mattress instead. Well, I had to check them out - and WOW - what a difference in the presentation, so many features than any other mattress could offer.

1. One side is soft and one side is firm. That was exactly what I was looking for. My husband likes a firm mattress and I like a soft mattress. We discovered that getting two xl twin mattress to replace our King Mattress would be just the ticket! The last two nights have been superior!

2. The copper-infused foam was another superior feature. After two nights - I can feel the difference in my joints.

3. NO TAX - FREE SHIPPING - Can't beat that!

4. Automatically cooling! We replaced our "tempur-pedic mattress" with the Layla, absolutely true, no more waking up hotter than a pistol.'

About Layla Sleep
Layla Sleep is an American based mattress company who specializes in dual firmness mattresses. They are fully patented in the US Patent Office. Recently they have partaken in a couple of charitable initiatives. They pride themselves in using all American materials and workmanship.

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