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Mattress Myths Debunked in Latest Article from the Best Mattress

Blog puts several common mattress myths to sleep in their latest post.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/13/2014 --Sorting through the sea of brands and claims can get confusing when shopping for a new mattress. From the best firmness to replacement guidelines, commonly held beliefs and generalizations may not always be accurate and might prevent shoppers from choosing the best bed.

The Best Mattress, a blog on beds and brands, recently examined a few common myths to separate fact from fiction and educate consumers. In the article, “Debunking Mattress Myths”, published June 12, The Best Mattress tackles 14 popular misconceptions that consumers may encounter when shopping for a new bed.

As the blog explains, myths often stem from exaggerations, uninformed salespeople, successful branding campaigns and other sources. The blog aims to clarify these common fallacies to help readers make better-informed buying decisions without the influence of outdated information or half-truths.

One common statement tackled in the article is the idea that all memory foam mattresses sleep hot. The Best Mattress explains that, in actuality, only a small percentage of memory foam owners sleep hot and that some brands like Amerisleep and iComfort actually have heat complaint rates comparable to or even lower than those of innerspring beds.

Other myths debunked include the idea that all latex mattresses are natural, that waterbeds are bad for backs, that gel makes a big difference, and that higher prices equal better beds, in addition to several others. The article provides much useful insight for prospective mattress shoppers, even delving into common firmness recommendations and the myth of showroom tests.

Links to previous articles on choosing the best mattress and detailed guides to mattress types are included throughout for those seeking more information. Readers are also invited to share their own experiences with mattress myths and browse the blog’s diverse buying guides and brand comparisons.

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