Exercise Prescription Software Maker's Scheduling Package Will Improve Time Management

The makers of Mavenlive exercise prescription software are creating a scheduling package to allow physical therapists to be more organized in appointment scheduling and to make the most of their time each day.


Winnipeg, Manitoba -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2011 --Prognition Corp., which manufactures Mavenlive, has announced plans to develop a scheduling package for their exercise prescription software.

The scheduling package makes it simple for physical therapists to define appointments and lengths of time necessary for each appointment, enabling them to make the best use of their time each day, says Dr. Jay Winburn, Prognition's president.

For example, clinicians using this new package within the physical therapy electronic documentation software can create appointments for new patient exams, physical therapy assessment, and ultrasound therapy. They can define all appointment types that need to be booked and specify the length of time needed for each type.

Mavenlive will store those pre-defined appointment times and make it easy for therapists to create a template of their daily schedule.

"You can create your ideal day," Winburn says, adding that once a schedule is made, the therapist likely will have a variety of templates for morning and afternoon schedules. When a receptionist is tasked with adding more days to the calendar, he/she can create those days by inserting the desired templates.

The rehabilitation exercises software allows clinicians to determine how many time slots they want to book for each appointment type, and it lets them track how many have been booked, says Chris Metcalfe, the rehabilitation software company's vice president of technical development.

"As a clinician, you could then go back and change the number and type of appointments you have in your template to coincide with reality," Winburn says. "If you discover there weren't enough exercise therapy slots and too many ultrasound therapy slots, you can change that."

In the end, clinicians gain a sophisticated scheduling system that allows for efficient scheduling that exceeds what most physical therapists are using today.

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