Max Sibirin and His Team Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for VOLT

World’s FIRST most ECO-friendly lighter helps light up anything while helping the environment.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2016 --It's the lighter's turn to fall victim to technology as enlightenment of environmental impact continues to expand across the world. Does anyone ever give a second thought to all of the plastic that ends up in landfills and ocean from those cheap, disposable lighters we throw away when they're empty? With millions of lighters sold that equates to tons of plastic loading up landfills alongside plastic bags, water bottles and other plastic detritus. When all is said and done, scientific research indicates it will take centuries for all of that plastic to finally degrade.

Then there are the little-known health risks of butane. Butane lighters are more environmentally friendly in that they are refillable and seldom see a landfill but here's the thing; butane can kill you (Source: US National Library of Medicine). Not only that, butane also adds to the greenhouse gas problem that's the driving force behind global warming.

So for those who need a lighter to enjoy their favourite tobacco, a candle or a stick of incense or just have around as a convenient source of fire or light, what's the answer?

About The VOLT lighter
VOLT lighter emits an eon flow that jumps between the electrodes creating an eye-appealing purple light that provides a spark instead of a flame making it just as easy as a conventional lighter in firing up anything. Volt is powered by a top range high quality litium-ion battery and can be recharged over and over again for up to 240 months. Considering that the average disposable lighter lasts for one month, each Volt stops 240 plastic lighters from entering a landfill and totally eliminates the health risks associated with inhaling butane.

Volt is windproof and waterproof and can run on a single charge for several weeks, assuming regular daily use. VOLT comes with a USB charger making it convenient to charge VOLT anywhere, even from a laptop.

The design team behind VOLT have come up with a series of crowdfunding perks making VOLT lighter less expensive than a typical butane lighter and much more economical than buying cheap plastic lights on a regular basis. Although the VOLT is a product of the United Kingdom, worldwide shipping is available and it's free for contributors.

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