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Maze Rooms Brings the Virtual World of Escape Rooms to Los Angeles

Escape rooms brings the fun and the mystery of solving clues to escape a castle, challenging players to use all their skills to solve clues to break free in the shortest time possible.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2016 --A craze has taken over the world bringing videos games to life, and that craze is called Escape Rooms. Maze Rooms Los Angeles featured on The Ellen Show is a new exciting form of entertainment where people play in teams trying to break the maze and escape. It attracts people of all ages and provides a great deal of fun, and if unlucky, could leave someone stuck in the maze for days trying to escape.

There are 11 different rooms in Los Angeles, with the first offering the Castle. The instructions of the Castle maze are simple. The players are locked in a castle themed room, complete with a skeleton of a king sitting on his throne and have sixty minutes to escape. The rooms are like the ones people see on video games, and they have to solve clues and puzzles to gain access to the big wooden doors to escape.

Since being launched in Los Angeles, the Maze Rooms have become a huge success and within one year another 10 rooms were opened, which includes Prison, FBI, and Motel to name a few. The themes vary from very high-tech lunar station, which is huge fun, to the family quest as Pirate Bay.

The Maze brings a great deal of fun and allows people to use their brains to solve the clues. Teams normally consist of between two and six players and are ideal for family and friends wanting to get together for fun, parties celebrating an event, or for businesses wanted to arrange team-building events.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Maze Rooms said: "It is wonderful to watch people enjoying themselves using their skill, knowledge and brains to work out the clues to escape. People become very competitive, trying to break their previous record to escape the Castle."

Maze Rooms has become a huge craze in Los Angeles. There are five locations around Los Angeles with each having two to three rooms. The players are determined to come out as winners through their skill, quick thinking and their ability to solve clues that face them. The Maze rooms allow the team to work together using their individual strengths to achieve their aim of solving the maze. With so many different rooms to choose from, once the team has achieved the first room, they can then tackle the next room on a return visit.

The maze is an experience not to be missed. Once people try the maze they are hooked and come back to try different rooms, testing their skill again the maze.

The price to enjoy the fun of the maze rooms is $90 for 2-3 players. For four players the price is $120, and for five players it is $150, where to bring a team of six, the price is $180.

There are different themed rooms to choose from, which includes the Castle Room, The Pirate Bay, The Portal, and the Lunar Station. Maze Rooms was the first one to launch an escape room in Virtual reality – VR Cosmos Game, showing why they have become the most talked about team building experience.

To see all the rooms available, please see

Maze Rooms Los Angeles has become one of the most talked about entertainment experiences. They not only offer a great place for people to have fun and work together as a team, they also offer a way for people to relax and unwind.

To learn more about Maze Rooms and how to take part, please visit Reservations are required in advance.

About Maze Rooms Los Angeles
The computer game "Escape the Room" appeared in 1994 and became very popular. Up until recently, no one has tried to transfer a computer game into reality, but now this type of interactive entertainment is gaining massive popularity.

Interactive escape games are becoming popular all over the world: United States, Russia, Japan, Europe and many other countries around the world. We now invite you to participate in this interactive and revolutionary experience here in Los Angeles.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience filled with high-tech devices, clues, puzzles and the most interesting mysteries of our time.


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