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McLean Virginia Beauty Salon Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa Offers Advice for Autumn Hair Care

Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa, serving the residents of McLean, Tyson’s Corner, and other Virginia locations near the Beltway, is pleased to offer expert advice for hair care this fall including proper maintenance to reduce breakage.


McLean, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2014 --This fall, Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa beauty salon in McLean, VA has released a list of tips and recommendations for proper hair care and rejuvenating hair health after the summer has ended. According to the experts at Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa, heat, exposure to sun, strong winds, tightly tying back hair, and other conditions take a toll on hair during the summer months. As a result, it’s no surprise that when people begin to notice the extent of damage to their hair, including potential hair loss, is typically when autumn arrives.

Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa recommends restoring hair health this fall by visiting a salon. Hair stylists can trim split ends, recommend products to restore hydration to hair, and explain which habits promote hair health or worsen hair damage.

“One of the most important parts of keeping hair healthy is getting it trimmed regularly,” says a Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa representative. According to the stylist, hair needs to be maintained in the same way as the rest of the body. Routine trims and brushing will ensure any split ends are cut off and will also allow a stylist to monitor hair for areas of weakness or those requiring further attention. This ensures any hair problems are recognized quickly and addressed by a professional before they worsen.

Some of the other advice from local hair salons in McLean, VA included deep conditioning, and using high quality products. According to another Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa hair care expert, conditioning is especially important after the summer, when daily pool trips and swimming in the ocean can cause long-lasting damage, and prior to the winter when the air gets dryer. “Conditioning with good products reintroduces the essential oils and nutrients that your hair needs to stay strong,” says the Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa representative.

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