MediBee Provides Peer-to-Peer Community Support for Those Affected by Mental Health Challenges


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2018 --MediBee, the revolutionary new social network app providing peer-to-peer support for all individuals affected by mental health challenges, is live on global crowdfunding platform GoFundMe and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Each year millions of people are affected, as are their families around them, by mental health challenges. In the western world alone, thousands of people have fatal outcomes each day and many are damaged for life caused by prolonged side effects, withdrawal injuries and wrongful tapering of opiate painkillers, antidepressants and benzodiazepines amongst lots of other medication. MediBee is on a mission to inspire a worldwide effort to work together to promote mental health in ways that are in the best interests of patients and of society as a whole.

"We want affected individuals to understand that they are not alone; that they can gain helpful insights from other patients; and that accessing our online resources can become life-changing," says co-founder Silvia Meyer. "But equally important is our commitment to inspire a wider awareness of these conditions and address the disturbing increase of dependency to high-risk prescription medicine that, more often than not, results in severe side effects, harmful withdrawal symptoms, and possibly fatal outcomes."

MediBee Community is a breakthrough new peer-to-peer support community in a mobile app that facilitates personal connections among those faced with what are often common, but devastating psychological challenges. MediBee's aim is to develop an easily accessible social network that offers a safe space for open conversation about mental health – a place where patients and relatives can exchange experiences and perspectives; where mental health sufferers can find support; and where everyone gain a greater understanding of the role that both medical treatments and mental well-being play in their lives. MediBee believes that creating a vibrant, social community is paramount to the success of any medical treatment.

Though hundreds of social media networks exist, MediBee is the first of its kind in this specific target audience; people who are struggling with mental health problem, like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, ptsd and other mental challenges. The nonprofit organization's solutions are discretely focused on the consumption of high risk medication or multiple prescription medicine at once, which are affecting people by causing psychological side effects similar to having mental health challenges.

"We are hoping to foster a vibrant umbrella community with a mental health focus, gathering individuals and groups, which today are spread around the internet, under one roof. No such app, exists today, and we are already experiencing an overwhelming positive response from people from all around the world," adds Meyer. "MediBee is a game-changer that values the interaction of biological, psychological and social aspects in reference to mental health treatments and medicine consumption. Our concept goes beyond independent solutions - instead our organization is built around a holistic model that gives room for innovative problem-solving on a global scale."

Start challenging the stigma around mental health. MediBee is currently live and available to support on GoFundMe:

About MediBee
MediBee is a social tech pioneer putting mental health and medicine dependency on the map. Through data-based insights, we want to explore why medicine consumption is increasing on a global scale, whilst offering digital tools and social support to those affected in the now. The idea behind MediBee came about in 2017, and our team has academic, professional and personal knowledge within the field of mental health and medicine dependency. In combination with a strong volunteer community, we represent an ambitious international initiative that sheds new light on the contemporary understanding of mental well-being.

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