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Medical Communications Leader Bryant Brown Healthcare Opposes Proposed Moratorium on Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of New Pharmaceuticals

Congressional bill calling for three-year ban of DTC promotions of new prescription drugs potentially impedes effectiveness of communications and empowerment of patients.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2016 --Bryant Brown Healthcare, a leading independent medical advertising agency, has voiced its opposition to a congressional bill calling for a three-year moratorium on advertising newly approved prescription drugs directly to consumers.

Rosa DeLauro, a Democratic Congressperson from Connecticut, has introduced the bill, titled the "Responsibility in Drug Advertising Act of 2016."

In related news, the FDA has announced that is conducting a study to assess how animated figures, such as a pink intestine promoting an irritable bowel syndrome treatment, affect consumers' understanding of a drug's potential benefits and adverse effects.

This raises questions of how far legislation should go in dictating the conceptual foundation of communication campaigns. "What if an animated intestine is the easiest way for people to comprehend IBS? says Bob Brown, account services director at Bryant Brown Healthcare. "I respect and support Congresswoman DeLauro's efforts to control drug costs and inappropriate promotions. However, I also believe that advertising can play an important role in patient education and empowerment, beyond the scope of what overworked clinicians can offer."

Adds Bryant Brown partner and Creative Director of Design Sam Bryant, "I'm very wary of attempts to regulate conceptual choices such as whether or not to use an animated figure."

This issue is generating intense coverage from consumer, medical, and advertising industry media, including Adweek, where the principals of Bryant Brown Healthcare have offered their perspectives informed by more than 17 years as a leading healthcare agency.

About the Responsibility in Drug Advertising Act of 2016
This proposed legislation, introduced by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, seeks to limit direct-to-consumer advertising of newly approved prescription drugs, which includes ads disseminated through magazines, newspapers, television, and radio. The bill offers a possible waiver if in the case of a breakthrough drug with proven value to public health. For more information on this legislation, visit

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