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Medical Marketing Agency Explains the Benefits of Email Medical Marketing

Email still provides huge ROI for medical practices, says Healthcare Marketing Consultant Mandy McEwen. Though there are many tactics out there, email is easier to execute than ever before, given the tools available to marketers, and it is done very cost effectively.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2016 --There are many avenues for medical practices to promote their businesses online, but good old-fashioned email marketing is still providing top returns on investment for medical practices, says Healthcare Marketing Consultant Mandy McEwen. "Medical-related emails are much different than the typical 'insert-name-in-headline' sales emails we're all accustomed to. Patient inboxes can be a very helpful, direct way to connect with individuals who are recovering from surgery and need a little more TLC from their providers, for instance."

In a recent blog post titled, "Medical Email Marketing: Why Your Practice Is Ailing Without It," McEwen details the benefits and ideal customers for email marketing automation. Examples are provided illustrating how various practices have used automated emails to improve day-to-day business practices and boost results. Top providers of email automation are also included in her blog.

"Some people worry 'How can you automate something like empathy?' but I always tell people 'How can you not do something when you're doing 500 of one particular surgery a year?' There are only so many resources in healthcare. Technology helps you focus on those individuals who need a little bit more from you at a particular time, so you can best direct your energies to keep your practice thriving."

She goes on to explain that more and more medical providers are developing their own mobile apps, exploring wearable technology for patient recovery rooms, and doing live video to add into their correspondences. Top-of-their-class medical practices deliver emails focused on patient acquisition, nurturing, and customer service.

"Part of my job as a consultant is to identify software and other tools that can make it easier for medical practices to connect with a growing pool of prospects and patients, without taking up too much of their time," McEwen adds. "Researching what's out there can be a nightmare if you're new to the industry and the learning curve can be steep if you don't want to pay vendors for their training. A medical marketing consultant not only identifies need and trains your staff in the latest technologies, but works with you on business goals and solving your pain points."

Mandy McEwen and her team at Mod Girl Marketing specialize in medical marketing consulting. The process begins by filling out a quick contact form and receiving a marketing audit to identify areas of opportunity. From there, medical practices may choose to form an ongoing partnership with the Mod GirlĀ® or receive strategic guidance as needed. Mandy invites interested medical executives to contact her directly for a consultation.

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