Medici Firma Structures Reinsurance Vehicles for Asset Managers, Corporations and Global Institutions

Medici Firma and affiliates acts as an insurance manager for Corporates and financial institutions with sizable assets and balance sheet, which can be utilized for underwriting reinsurance contracts for regulated insurance companies.


Hong Kong, SAR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/23/2016 --Medici Firma and affiliates act as an insurance manager for Corporates and financial institutions with sizable assets and balance sheet which can be utilized for underwriting reinsurance contracts for regulated insurance companies. Medici caters to clients from across the sectors including Metals and mining, energy, real estate, infrastructure, financial institutions and companies in other sectors with sizable assets. Corporates can generate a return and reduce their taxation liabilities by writing reinsurance for regulated insurance giants. Insurance companies seek to transfer risk on their coverage by inviting companies and institutions to take exposure on their books.

Expertise in structure formation

Medici Firma facilitates clients with a deployment of the balance sheet for reinsurance contracts with the highest return on the given risk. The company assigns Caceis, global asset servicing provider, for administration process and Deutsche bank for the purpose of securities. The regulated product is audited annually by KPMG or from parallel audit agencies. Medici Firma uses Bermuda, Nevis, or the Cayman Islands, which are one of the most famous domiciles having legislation specifically aimed at special purpose reinsurance vehicles.

Search for higher yields

In a bid to search for higher yields in the reinsurance sector, Corporates and institutions are taking a higher risk on their assets. Medici Firma bridges this gap and provides better alternatives with a higher yield for given risk taken by the firms. Global Reinsurance market has grown at 7.5% compounded annual growth rate over the past five years. The market has experience some yield compression over the past few quarters, however, the growth continues to be strong as insurance business expands on the back of retirement and other non-life products.

The primary companies are looking to engage in fewer reinsurance relationships as they focus on insurance products where they can engage in with relatively higher yields. Medici Firma is tapping the opportunity at a mid to high-mid level in a bid to gain diversification along with size. The company's diversification, size, and global reach allows it to weather pricing pressure for its clients and ensure they get a fair share of the reinsurance business with a higher return on equity. In the reinsurance business, asset provider or insurance provider having larger line sizes attract reinsurance buyers at a good price. Medici Firma's ability to offer various balance sheets for a writing of reinsurance contracts provides tremendous bargaining power which ultimately benefits clients in the form of higher yields.

About Medici Firma
Medici Firma is a global financial institution with operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The company has offices in major cities like Brussels, Seoul, Luxembourg, Germany, and Hong Kong. Its affiliate entities include Canvas Legion and Ubervest. Medici Firma manages a full range of active and quantitative investment solutions including equity, fixed income, money markets, and alternative strategies. Medici Firma Investment strategies include; Alternative Investments, Financial Services, Infrastructure and Real Estate.

Canvas Legion acts as a management consulting firm with advisory in private equity funds, financial services, oil and gas sector, technology, metals and mining, social and public sector. Medici Firma through its Ubervest investing platform bridges the gap between investors and entrepreneurs globally.

Medici Firma's transparent and flexible investment platform allows co-investors to gain access to opportunities across the private equity spectrum. Medici Firma is an institutional management company that governs itself with onward thinking and a mission to put allied prosperity first.