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Meet Safely On-Line - Security Solutions for Meeting 'Person-to-Person' over the Internet

Meet Safely On-Line offers security safeguards for meeting 'person-to-person' with someone you have met over the Internet. Safeguards include on-line identity verification, meeting scheduling providing documentation of the meeting including who you're meeting, where you're meeting and when you're meeting and call-back meeting confirmation telephone calls to verify your safety and well-being.


Columbia, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2010 -- Meet Safely On-Line proudly announces the launch of their website scheduled for Friday, October 1, 2010.

Meet Safely On-Line offers a viable solution to eliminating the crime associated with on-line classified advertising websites, dating websites and social networking websites in helping to prevent criminals from taking advantage of people advertising items for sale, meeting with them only to rob, rape or murder them.

With established security safeguards, Meet Safely On-Line offers a way for people buying and selling items on-line, meeting to date or meeting to socialize to meet in safety and security through the use of on-line identity verification, meeting appointment documentation and 'call-back' telephone confirmations during their meetings to verify their safety and well-being.

With an easy to understand on-line Internet application, registered members can schedule a "meeting appointment" with their meeting partners providing documentation of their meeting and simultaneously arranging for a call-back meeting confirmation telephone call. They can post advertisements on classified advertising websites, arrange meetings on dating websites and social networking websites identifying themselves as members of Meet Safely On-Line thereby providing a deterrent for having criminals contacting them in the first place.

The 'virtual meeting' appointment scheduling feature of Meet Safely On-Line also protects buyers and sellers who engage each other through the mail or freight delivery services by allowing both the buyer and seller to be verified on-line by a reputable identity verification firm, Trufina, Inc. What this means is that a buyer and seller living on opposite sides of the United States can now have their identities verified before agreeing to trade with each other providing a level of security not previously seen in the marketplace.

Lifetime Membership registration requires a one-time charge of only $69.95 and includes On-Line Identity Verification.

To register, please go to

Finally, somebody has found a way to address the crime surrounding trading on-line on Internet classified advertising websites, meeting through dating websites and meeting through social media websites. Kudos to Meet Safely On-Line.

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