Karl G Olson

"Melanoma-Marketing" Revenues Can Reach 5 Billion in 2015


Malmo, Sweden -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2012 --The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that 1 of 50 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime by 2015. Their prolonged forecast is that 1 of every 5 American will become victims of skin cancer in their lifetime.

The National Cancer Institute predicts that the costs of melanoma skin cancer for the American people will reach 3,7 billion USD in 2015. With the costs for detection and treatment of non-melanoma skin-cancers, the cost for the American society will be well above 5 billion USD.

Karl G Olson, the author of The Tanning Blog, has looked a little bit closer upon those figures and presents some sensational findings in his latest article about “Melanoma-Marketing”.

Here are the main points from the article at Tannersrights.com

- Where there is a cost for some, there must be an income for others. Money doesn’t disappear into an empty void.

- The companies on the “receiving” and winning side of “Melanoma-Marketing” are also the sponsors of campaigns for early detection of skin-cancer.

- The losers on the “paying” side are tax- and insurance-fee- payers plus millions of citizens wrongly diagnosed with skin-cancer.

- The campaigns for early detection are not decreasing the mortality from skin-cancer. But they do create the inflated statistic that is the base for “melanoma-marketing”.

- The sun-avoidance advices from dermatologists and health authorities are not reducing the incidences or the mortality of skin-cancer.

- “Melanoma-Marketing” is the largest single contributing cause to the widespread vitamin D deficiency.

- The “Melanoma-Marketing” campaign might have the same origin as the “Baby-Killer” campaign, the attempts to substitute mother’s milk with a chemical formula in baby-food.

Karl G is a former naval officer and telecom executive. Having been a deliberate sun-worshipper all his life, he is now dedicating most of his time to the research of “Melanoma-Marketing” (on his blog at http://www.tannersrights.com) and (on The Tanning Blog) giving advice for how to have healthy, beneficial and safe exposure to UV-light in sunshine and from tanning beds.