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Melbourne, FL Endodontist Dr. Paul A. Scott Helps Patients Preserve Natural Teeth with Specialized Treatment

Dr. Paul Scott in Melbourne, FL provides microscopic endodontics to help patients preserve damaged natural teeth


Melbourne, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2016 --Dr. Paul Scott, endodontist in Melbourne, FL, is helping patients who are facing tooth extraction due to damage or infection save their natural teeth through restorative measures so they can continue to support their smile for the rest of their life. Endodontists are highly trained to use specialized equipment which allow them to salvage damaged teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

While the exterior of a natural tooth is hard and similar to a bone, the inside of the tooth, also referred to as the pulp, is live tissue with active blood flow and nerves. If a tooth is damaged or suffers from decay that eats away at the tooth and into the live pulp, it can cause an infection within the tissue and possibly cause extreme tooth pain. If this damage is extensive, extraction is typically the easiest option for relief. However, extracting natural teeth can cause long-term adverse health effects for the patients. Not only does it alter the appearance of the patient's smile, but it can cause future tooth loss due to the resorption of the gum and bone tissue in the surrounding area of the extracted tooth.

As an endodontist, Dr. Scott specializes in root canal therapy using microscopic instruments. With his expertise, he is often able to save teeth that otherwise would have to be extracted due to injury or decay. Root canal therapy involves accessing the live pulp inside the tooth, cleansing, disinfecting, and filling the interior of the tooth along with the canals inside the roots of the tooth. Once the root canal therapy is completed, the patient no longer feels pain caused by nerve damage and may continue to use the natural tooth for the remainder of their life.

Dr. Scott and his staff recognize that many patients are apprehensive about root canal therapy due to the perceived pain associated with the procedure. However, Dr. Scott and his compassionate staff at Associated Endodontists of Melbourne are committed to providing a comfortable environment for patients and ensuring a pain-free experience throughout their treatment. Dr. Scott and his staff explain every dental procedure in detail so patients are informed and comfortable with their treatment. They also make it as easy for patients to schedule urgent appointments if pain becomes severe and needs root canal therapy.

About Dr. Paul A. Scott
Dr. Scott is a 1988 graduate of Northwestern University Dental School. After graduation, he served four years in the U.S. Navy practicing in Japan on a board ship. Following his service, he completed his Masters of Science degree and Certificate in Endodontics from Northwestern. Throughout his career, Dr. Scott also served on the attending staff at Evanston Hospital and on the faculty at Northwestern University Dental School as a Clinical Assistant Professor.

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