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Melbourne, FL Endodontist Helps Dispel Common Root Canal Myths

Dr. Paul Scott of Associated Endodontists of Melbourne wants patients to know the truth about root canals


Melbourne, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2016 --Melbourne, FL endodontist Dr. Paul A. Scott has heard nearly every excuse from patients avoiding root canal treatments – most of them myths related to the actual treatment. A few reasons people avoid root canals are the belief that they cause pain, illness, and that extraction is a better option. These are myths and Dr. Scott wants to set the record straight on root canals.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Dr. Scott's root canal procedure and anesthetics make root canals no more painful than a common filling. Most of the pain associated with a root canal is the toothache that precedes treatment. A toothache is caused by damage to a tooth, and by removing the damaged tissue found in the root of the tooth, Dr. Scott is able to clean out any infection and relieve the pain while preserving the patient's natural tooth.

Although the idea of having a tooth drilled may seem unpleasant, the reality of dealing with an infected tooth is much more unpleasant. The toothache patients experience is a direct result of decay and infection occurring in the damaged tooth. Left untreated, the infection could spread and damage many more teeth and surrounding bone. Root canals actually prevent the spread of illness, not cause it.

Not only do root canals relieve pain and prevent the spread of infection, they also preserve the natural tooth. Modern endodontic procedures allow for more effective treatments that preserve natural teeth, making extraction less necessary. Although endodontic treatments have improved tremendously over the years, myths have continued to persuade some to believe extraction is the preferred method, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. When Dr. Scott treats someone, his main goals are to ensure patients' dental health while doing everything he can to preserve and maintain a their natural smile.

For those struggling with tooth pain and fears surrounding root canals, Dr. Scott and his team at Associated Endodontists of Melbourne are happy alleviate any anxiety by providing patients with a consult and detailed walk through of the root canal procedure.

About Dr. Paul A. Scott
Dr. Scott graduated from Northwestern University Dental School and has been a respected member of the dental profession for more than 25 years including serving four years with the United States Navy as a dentist for fellow service members. Upon the completion of his military service, Dr. Scott finished his endodontic training and has remained involved in academia as well as his private practice.

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