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Melbourne Florida Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer Responds to New Car Safety Laws

Brad Sinclair of Sinclair Law considers the repercussions of the new hit-and-run bill, by Governor Scott as well as the raising of the minimum age for children to ride in vehicles without a car seat or booster seat.


Melbourne, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2014 --Recently, Governor Scott signed two different laws into effect for the state of Florida, which are important for vehicle drivers. Each has relevance to automobiles specifically, although one applies across the board to any type of vehicle on the road. Sinclair Law has a vested interest in spreading knowledge of these new laws, as they impact current and potential clients in their personal injury suits.

The first new law is a hit-and-run bill which provides a four year prison sentence for those who leave the scene of an accident. The bill was championed by Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, R-Miami, and was named after bicyclist Aaron Cohen who was killed in a 2012 hit and run in Miami-Dade County. The four year sentence would be mandatory for any conviction involving a hit and run resulting in death; in addition, the offender’s driver’s license is required to be revoked for three years.

This particular law went into effect July 1st, so it is already relevant to current Sinclair Law cases. With this change in legislation, Sinclair Law has been carefully reviewing the specific repercussions. “This law is an important step forward for hit and run casualty and personal injury suits,” says Brad Sinclair of Sinclair Law. “The ability to provide closure for the families of victims of this kind of accident is important.”

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The second new piece of legislation is a bill which raises the minimum age for children to ride in vehicles without the use of a car seat or booster seat from three years old to five years old. This law will provide additional safety to children that have previously been left unprotected by the law. Many parents follow the law precisely; as such, they have allowed their children to ride without the aid of a car seat or booster seat once reaching age three. However, many deaths and injuries have occurred due to this inappropriate age limit, because children are simply too small to ride in an automobile without additional protection prior to age five.

Sinclair Law supports this bill, as it may go a ways to saving more children from unnecessary pain or death. “Children need the added protection of a car seat or booster seat into the older childhood ages. Many other countries already have a minimum age of 5 years for car seat and booster seat use, so we are playing catch up now,” says Sinclair. “It is a good change.”

The new car seat bill will go into effect January 1st, 2015, so it is not currently applicable. However, it is important to note this change and date to avoid potential injuries or run-ins with police in the future. Knowing the minimum age is increasing in January is a good indicator that parents may want to institute this change now.

Sinclair Law is a proponent of these two new bills and lends its support in the successful application and enforcement of these laws. Noting these legislative adjustments, it is important to make appropriate changes to more completely follow the law.

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