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Melo Property Claims Opening Property Damage Insurance Claim Reviews with Zero Up-Front Costs in Wake of Hurricane Sally

Residents and business owners urged to contact Melo Property Claims immediately to get started on water damage and other property damage insurance claims to be filed following the devastation of Hurricane Sally.


Charlotte, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2020 --Now that Hurricane Sally has ripped through the Charlotte, NC area, people living in the region are beginning to realize precisely what Mother Nature is capable of. With the number of homes, businesses, and other property types suffering severe property damages, insurance companies will quickly be flooded with massive amounts of insurance claims for reconstruction. Melo Property Claims has decades of experience gathering the necessary documentation and evidence to get property damage valuations that are fair and reasonable, and they're standing by ready to spring into action. They are currently offering residents a no-obligation, free initial consultation for their exclusive public adjuster services, and appointments are filling up quickly. The company's expert public adjusters are hoping everyone who requires assistance takes advantage of their skills by setting up a convenient meeting as soon as possible.

"We never expected Hurricane Sally to produce this many property damage claims, but that doesn't mean that we're not ready to take on whatever comes our way. Our primary focus is to get the people we live and work around a fair valuation for their property damages. Right now is when insurance companies are going to drag their feet the most. For customers that have been faithfully paying their premiums, it's our job to make sure they get the money they need in their hands as quickly as possible to start rebuilding their lives." A skilled public adjuster from Melo Property claims was reported stating earlier.

Those who have never had to file an insurance claim for property damages before can instantly become stressed and overwhelmed at how everything in the insurance industry works. It's a complicated process that requires attention to specific details, and not all homeowners and business operators are aware of what they should be looking for and keeping track of. One missing piece of information that may seem insignificant to the untrained eye could hold up the entire situation for days, weeks, or even months. The only way to get ahead of the rest of the people in line for their property damage assessments is by having a professional public adjuster handling the case.

As soon as insurance adjusters heard about Hurricane Sally, they started working. However, unlike what most people believe that have been customers to these mega-corporations faithfully for years, they're working against their clients, not for them. The insurance company is expected to have thousands of different insurance claims filed in the coming weeks, which means extraordinary amounts of money leaving their business. The insurance agent working on these individual policies is trying to find ways to stall the case or, at the very least, lower the amount of the estimate for the water damages and storm damages that have occurred.

Many who have already lived through the devastation are in a hurry to rebuild and get back to normal. Unfortunately for those that aren't working with a public adjuster, that means less money then what they will need to get their homes and other properties back to the way they were before disaster struck. Insurance policyholders will often settle for the first number that an insurance agent puts in front of them. It means they will have their money faster, and they can start the construction right away. After the contractors come in and begin, the downside to this is it will be made clear what the insurance company has awarded isn't sufficient. Property owners will have to make the rest of the payments by digging out of their own pockets.

Melo Property Claims is more than just a company that wants to take a percentage of the valuation they obtain for their clients. The group profoundly cares about getting the customers they serve the money they deserve. They work tirelessly until a number is agreed upon that is frequently more than what anyone would be capable of getting without their assistance.

One of the public adjusters said, "We've seen so many absolutely disturbing situations when it comes to crooked insurance companies. Families are already struggling, and all they want is to get their lives back in order. Then an insurance agent comes and lowballs their property damage assessment, leaving them with even more financial difficulties. It's our mission to take our reputation and authority in the insurance claim industry and get people not just what they are first offered, but what they genuinely require to return to where they were before the storm hit."

The public insurance adjusters want to remind everyone that things will get busy quickly in the insurance claim world in the coming days, and now is the best time to act. If you're looking to file an insurance claim in Charlotte, NC, you can reach the office at (704) 387-3997.

To schedule an appointment for a no-cost property damage assessment, contact Melo Property Claims by emailing them at Learn more about this service and the rest of their insurance adjuster capabilities by visiting the website,

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