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Mental Health CEU Courses Added to Continuing Education Curriculum

Quantum Units Education has added several new mental health ceu courses to their continuing education curriculum.


Los Osos, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2008 -- The following new ceu courses have been added to the curriculum by http://www.quantumunitsed.com Quantum Units Education.

Clinical Supervision - 6 standard ceus/ 5 NBCC ceus - $18/$15. This course was developed using the Technical Assistance Publication, Competencies for Substance Abuse Treatment Clinical Supervisors, from the US Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose is to present a competency based model to provide a framework for understanding, learning, and implementing the multiple functions and tasks of clinical supervisors. Although the material was developed for thesubstance abuse field, this course is recommended for supervisors in various mental healthdisciplines.

Co-Occurring Disorders - 40 standard ceus/40 nbcc ceus - $120. The course gives students and professionals a more in-depth understanding of co-occurring substance use and mental disorders including how common they are, the multiple problems they create, and the impact they have on treatment and treatment outcome. The material includes valuable appendices which provide practical guidance for counselors and therapists and give an excellent overview of various medications including samples of screening and assessment instruments.

Mood Disorders - 3 standard ceus/2 nbcc ceus - $9/$6. This brief article examines the most common psychiatric comorbidities among patients with substance use disorders: depression and bipolar disorders. It touches upon epidemiological relationships, assessment and diagnosis, and clinical course and treatment. It also includes a brief discussion by researchers and experts in the field.

Family Therapy and SAT - 18 standard ceus/16 nbcc ceus - $54/$48. The course will provide an understanding of the importance of family involved techniques in substance abuse treatmentand will give therapists from both fields pertinent information that can be incorporated into their work. Also included is a valuable appendix which includes guidelines for assessing violence and screening for child abuse.

Native American Motivational Interviewing - 6 standard ceus/6 nbcc ceus - $18. This is a manual put together by numerous professionals specifically intended for counselors in Native American Communities. Their stated goals are to make motivational interviewing easy to learn and use in practice with Native American clients suffering with alcohol abuse or dependence and of bridging the gap between learning about Motivational Interviewing and actually using MI in one’s clinical practice. User-friendly manual with wonderful spiritual overtones.