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Mentoring Mall Launches to Bridge the Gap Between Knowing a Little and Strategically Knowing a Lot

Created to make the most of a digital landscape dotted with capable mentors and mentees, a new website launches to help one meet the other. Launched as a knowledge resource for those with a strategic approach to learning, Mentoring Mall brings fast, efficient teaching in real-time.


Brainerd, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2016 --Who hasn't wished to tug on the coattail of an expert and ask a few questions on a subject of interest? Admit it, a mentor in one's pocket wouldn't be half bad. So says a newly launched website with that same strategic idea. Mentoring Mall is just that, a web store for knowledge. With a decisive approach to gaining understanding on any subject of choice, the website links qualified mentors with willing mentees of all ages. Created to unearth hidden talents, bolster careers, and bring personal lives to fruition, the site is a digital age lighthouse in a sea of too much information.

So here's the rub. Far too often, educational courses carry a time and cost commitment that's prohibitive. They also entail too much information that doesn't specifically address points of concern. Even YouTube, with its myriad of subjects and talking points, is too vague. Without a one-on-one experience these resources offer help but not coveted personalized attention.

Mentoring Mall has addressed the issue by offering mentors that will dedicate up to an hour of face time per session. Subjects include the arts, music, education and academics as well as health and fitness. Language and literature, spirituality and photography are also "stores" available in the Mentoring Mall. The insightful virtual spot even has an option for dance.

Connecting mentors and mentees on opposite sides of the globe, the online platform not only offers knowledge, it offers safety and convenience as well. Now the like-minded can provide insight and reap rewards as if they were physically in the same room. How so? Mentoring Mall is structured around a video chat medium. Both knowledgeable and resourceful, in this way, the site is tailored for each user.

Training sessions are short and concise and focus on a specific portion of an area of expertise. There's no fillers here. Each store signifies an actual mentor. Upon registration mentees receive an online profile that records messaging, buying, selling, reviews and account info. Mentoring sessions are chosen from given categories or want ads. Once a desired mentor is chosen, the mentee pays Mentoring Mall a small fee and their name is sent to the mentor. From there communication and payment is undertaken between the parties via email. Once scheduling and payment is assured the two commence a thirty minute to one hour mentoring session via Skype.

Nicholas Godbout, owner of Mentoring Mall said of the launch, "Everyone has skills and all they need to succeed is a little mentorship to get them going in the right direction. We bring out the most proficient side of you and allow you the space to learn and grow with a pro to guide you along the way."

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About Mentoring Mall
Mentoring Mall is a website dedicated to providing the worldwide community with a mentoring marketplace. Designed as a store of knowledge, users can expand their understanding on various subjects via the one-on-one support of a dedicated mentor.

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