MerchantPlus Leverages CritoTech's ezNcrypt to Meet PCI-DSS Standards and Protect MySQL Sensitive Data


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2010 -- MerchantPlus, a leader in providing high-quality and affordable payment processing solutions to online businesses, announced today that they have renewed their PCI-DSS Compliance by leveraging CritoTech's Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) solution for MySQL, ezNcrypt.

CritoTech’s powerful TDE solution provides customers with a way to encrypt data without any changes to their application. Through the use of the CritoTech product, MerchantPlus was able to more easily encrypt sensitive MySQL databases without affecting server performance. Additionally, the CritoTech product enabled more flexible and easy-to-use key management tools.

“We chose CritoTech to simplify and enhance our data encryption techniques and keep in line with current PCI-DSS standards.” said Zachary Smith, President at MerchantPlus. “The solution offered by CritoTech is unique, in that it offers a robust, on-disk encryption architecture that did not require changes to our processing applications. ezNcrypt protected our data, managed our encryption keys and has had no noticeable performance tax on our systems.”

“We are excited to work with MerchantPlus to deliver a dependable MySQL TDE solution that helps protect sensitive data and meet PCI-DSS Compliance standards,” said Byron Hogan, co-founder of CritoTech. “With an increased focus on data security in the marketplace and changing compliance requirements, the ezNcrypt solution from CritoTech helps merchants, payment processors and other companies handling sensitive data in MySQL cost-effectively encrypt their data.”

MerchantPlus is looking forward to expanding the CritoTech partnership by offering their encryption solution to more customers, including merchants that are subject to PCI-DSS compliance requirements.

About Merchant Plus
MerchantPlus ( has been a leader in credit card processing and merchant account services since 2003. The company has found unique success in providing cutting-edge tools and unique industry experience to online businesses facing the challenges of today’s payment processing landscape. MerchantPlus is based in New York, NY and operates the NaviGate payment gateway service. MerchantPlus LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.

About CritoTech
CritoTech ( was founded in late 2007 by a group of IT Industry experts. Our mission is to help organizations better utilize their investment in new technology (LAMP stack). We are developing best of breed solutions that will empower companies to keep their data safe, secure and available.