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Meryl Hartstein Gains Attention for Solving Personal and Business Related Problems Through Life Coaching

A Leading strategic life and confidence coach is helping to put people on the right path for a positive life


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2015 --The author, public speaker and Leading strategic life and confidence coach, is gaining attention for the life coach to turn to when they want to overcome obstacles in their life and move ahead with a positive future.

Life can be challenging, with all the modern problems in a world that has faced many negative obstacles, some people are left wondering how to move forward and overcome those obstacles. When a person has a choice of two paths to go down, they are not sure what route to take for a better outcome in their life. That is why, millions of people around the world including leading businessmen and women, as well as celebrities, use a life coach. One leading strategic life and confidence coach, Meryl Hartstein is helping some of those people to make the right choices for a successful life.

Meryl Hartstein, who has just released her new book You Were Born To Shine, has been gaining attention from the public and the media for her positive results. As well as helping people to deal with personal, relationship, and career issues, she also helps leading business people and celebrities to make changes in their lives.

Many people in this world are stuck in a rut, are not sure what route to take to improve their life. From time to time, it is important to seek a professional who can help with these problems. Meryl Hartstein has become that person and with her positive results, she has become one of the most sought after life coaches in the U.S.

As well as helping people to overcome changes in their lives, she has had time to write a book called You Were Born To Shine. This book was written to help people become more confident in life and not be afraid to move forward and lead the life they deserve.

To learn more about You Were Born To Shine, please visit or visit to learn more about Meryl Hartstein and her services.

About Meryl Hartstein
Meryl Hartstein is a Strategic Life Coach, Speaker, and Founder of a nonprofit. She has overcome more adversity in her life than most people ever will in a lifetime. Her formula for a fulfilled life starts with passion and compassion, followed by gratitude and knowing self-worth. She has worked as an actress, spokesperson, and writer.