Metabolism, Inc. Reports That Drug Makers Use Cash, Psychology and the Internet to Guide Doctors' Prescribing Habits

Patient-centric informational site publishes insider’s report on the manipulative practices of the pharmaceutical industry on doctors’ prescribing habits.


Jupiter, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2014 --Without pause the patient-centric informational website recently published a medical insider’s report on how the pharmaceutical industry might well win an astute marketer’s highest honor. Uncovering the manipulation of doctors by way of the ongoing barrage of emails asking for their input on medical issues or participation in clinical studies, the newly published report shows the underbelly of the pharmaceutical world.

Written by a formidable “Dr. X” the article shows exactly how the pharmaceutical company’s manipulation begins. It states, “The first objective is to collect vital information including age, gender, number of years in practice, number of patients seen a day with breakdown by disease, insurance classes accepted, attitudes about using various drugs, whether the doctor is an 'early adopter’ of new medications, etc.” The article goes on to say that this information is then parsed for further details used to market medications that may not be beneficial or cost effective for patients. Regardless, financial incentives for doctors to prescribe the medication is consistently offered.

The article shows that pharmaceutical companies use psychology in their marketing emails as well. Dr. X says, “To get into medical school most doctors have become expert test takers and love to be rewarded for correct answers. Targeting these characteristics surveys lead the doctor to choose answers which reinforce the benefits of using the sponsor's products. Although the email's stated purpose is to seek their opinion, input, experience, what is happening is a brilliant shaping of knowledge and attitudes directed toward prescribing a certain medication or treatment.”

With 30 years of experience in the medical field Dr. Gary Pepper, owner of Metabolink, Inc. said of the published report on, “I support anyone with credible information which can help people work more knowledgeably with their doctors to control their health and the costs associated with good medical care. To that end, we will do our utmost to pass along the information we have in an approachable way.”

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