MevoLife Inc. Launches Kickstarter to Bring Disruptive Health and Fitness Smartphone App to Market

Olympic athletes, fitness aficionados and health-conscious eaters take note - Mevo is an all-in-one voice controlled fitness app allowing fitness enthusiasts to track their daily diet and exercise regimen.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2016 --All too often we lose track of what we eat and how we exercise day by day as the daily distractions of life get in the way. People committed to tracking their diet to lose weight might turn to one or more apps, as those pursuing physical fitness could use any number of tech solutions from smart watches to a dozen different apps while not keeping a close eye on their calories. This disconnected approach to health and fitness makes it difficult for people seeking a healthier lifestyle since it's an irrefutable fact that diet and exercise are inextricably tied to weight loss, good health and longevity all intertwined in a common cause; quality of life.

Khyati Mahajan, a seasoned tech professional and fitness enthusiast tackled this juggling act by coming up with Mevo. Ms. Mahajan, who has supervised the successful delivery of hundreds of apps to the iPhone and Android market, has come up with a functional prototype of the Mevo app that will turn health and fitness into a simple process instead of a complicated series of tasks.

For anyone grappling with hitting weight and fitness goals, living a healthier lifestyle through new workouts and healthy recipes coupled with a built-in virtual coach helping users track calories consumed and burned and an expansive library of articles, recipes, meal plans and exercise routines for every level of athletic ability.

From any standpoint, Mevo was designed from the ground up to be an all-encompassing app to facilitate a healthy lifestyle for every user. Reaching the Kickstarter goal of $20,000 will make Mevo a reality. Backers of this project have an array of affordable options to help them take their health and fitness goals to the next level.

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About MevoLife
The MevoLife nutrition-fitness system has been designed to deliver a fun and accessible way to get the information and support everyone needs to attain health goals then maintain them permanently. Founder Khyati Mahajan has devoted 6 years of her life playing pivotal roles in the development of hundreds of apps as a Director of Business and Product Development for an app development company called 'Migital'. Some of the awesome apps she's helped develop include 'Apps & Gallery Lock', 'Phone & Batter Magix', AND 'Diabetes Tracker'