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Mews and Brews Is Downtown Glendale's First Ever Cat Cafe


Glendale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2017 --Mews & Brews, Downtown Glendale's first ever cat cafe where visitors can enjoy the company of cats while also having the opportunity to adopt them on site, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Founded by local self-proclaimed professional cat enthusiast, Lisa Cleaveland, Mews & Brews Cat Cafe is Downtown Glendale's first ever local cat cafe, and plans to be a place of education, enjoyment, and community improvement and involvement. The organization will host a variety of events (all with cats of course) from yoga, paint nights, chair massages, and more. Mews & Brews also plan to educate the community on a broad range of topics, including spaying/neutering, Feline Leukemia awareness, overall cat health and happiness, and how individuals can help their local community shelter. Best of all, cats will be available for all to enjoy and cuddle.

"Mews & Brews is a passion project brought to life by my desperate need to help as many cats as possible. With every cat that has owned me, I fall more and more in love. I want to spread the love, not just because I am a crazy cat lady (which I am), but because cats can truly enrich our lives in so many ways," says Cleaveland on the inspiration behind the project. "They can be the best friend in the darkest of times, their purrs can soothe the soul, and there are legitimate health benefits that come from petting a cat. I also want to spread awareness to the plight of community shelters, their overcapacity, and the growing feral/stray population. I want to educate the community on the necessity of spaying/neutering their pets to aid in reducing the stray population and the amount of cats that end up getting dumped at the shelters."

The first cat cafe opened in Taiwan in 1998, and became a very popular tourist attraction. The concept grew, and gained traction in Japan, where the living spaces are cramped, and most do not allow pets. Cat cafes became a popular destination for young workers looking for companionship and comfort.

Mews & Brews Cat Cafe is a proud member of the Cat Cafe Embassy (, whose mission is to get more cats good homes, provide quality drinks and snacks, and be an educational resource for our communities on cat care. They accomplish this by communicating on best practices and providing cozy atmospheres for both cats and customers. Mews & Brews will also be partnering with Shelley's Desserts to provide high quality, homemade tasting desserts, including gluten free items. From the cafe, customers will be able to order tea, coffee, lattes, and smoothies.

"Mews & Brews needs to exist for several reasons. The main reason is that we can help more shelter cats find forever homes. While the cats are under our care at the cafe, they are being socialized, which is better than being stuck in cages while awaiting adoption. Most cats' personalities don't show well when they are in cages, as they are scared and can't roam around and be themselves. In the cafe they can freely roam, be themselves, and learn to socialize with humans so that when that wonderful day comes that they pick their human, they adapt faster to their new family and surroundings," adds Cleaveland. "Mews & Brews also hopes to be a centralized community hangout, where people can come, grab a cup of coffee or tea, cuddle with a cat, or join us for one of the many events we plan to offer (chair massages with cats, paint night with cats, yoga with cats, and more!). We want to be a place of education, enjoyment, and community improvement and involvement."

The Downtown Glendale Mews & Brews Cat Cafe is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About Mews & Brews
Mews & Brews is Downtown Glendale's future local cat cafe, and will be located in the historic Catlin Court District. We will be partnering with Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue ( to help kitties find homes while providing them an environment to socialize and roam free rather than be in stuck in cages. We believe that this environment is less stressful for the cats while they wait to get adopted, and helps them better show off their personality to all their furr-riends! Plus coffee for the hoomans!

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