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Miami Mold Specialist Pre-Launches Advanced Coil and Evaporator Cleaning Solutions for HVAC Systems

Florida based indoor environmental and mold removal company, Miami Mold Specialists, announces pre-launch of next generation, self rinsing HVAC coil and evaporator cleaning solutions.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2018 --One of South Florida's premier indoor environmental service providers, Miami Mold Specialist, has recently developed a new ground breaking product that is set to disrupt the way HVAC and refrigeration maintenance industries conduct business.

Miami Mold Specialist's innovative new product was created specifically for ease of use with cleaning HVAC systems, automotive radiator applications, marine applications on boats and yachts, portable air conditioners and heaters, refrigeration units. In short, this new line of next generation HVAC cleaning solutions offered by Miami Mold Specialist is certainly going to shake up the heating and air conditioning industries.

According to a spokesperson at Miami Mold Specialists,"Our team at Miami Mold Specialist is in the final process of creating our own branded proprietary line of mold combating coil cleaners, soon to be released and will be a part of all of our mold remediation services. This brand new penetrating coil and evaporator cleaner offers a delayed foaming action to allow the non-acid, non-chlorinated, alkaline surfactant package to attack dirt, grime, soil, deposits, and other contaminants in multiple stages. This cutting edge product is safe for use on a wide range of evaporators and condenser coils, HVAC units, window AC units, automotive radiators, small air cooled equipment, metal filters, refrigeration units, and fan blades. The dual quat foaming action expands and flushes contaminates out of coils as well as, deodorizes drain pans. It cleans, deodorizes, decreases energy costs, and prolongs the lifetime of treated equipment".

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