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Michelle Wilkins' Unborn Child Honored with Song by Internationally Recognized Musician Louis Colaiannia

On March 18, Michelle Wilkins answered a Craigslist ad for baby clothes. When she arrived at the seller’s home, she was attacked, cut open, and her unborn child removed. Wilkins survived the incident; her child did not. Now, there is a song dedicated to the memory of her daughter, "Aurora".


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2015 --World-renowned musician, Louis Colaiannia, has produced a heart-rending tribute in support of Michelle Wilkins and her unborn daughter, "Aurora".

"I was moved to compose this song when I was contacted about possibly doing something like I did with the Aurora Theater shooting victims," Colaiannia said. "I was aware of the situation, of course, and was extremely moved by what happened to her."

After deciding to attempt to compose a song for Michelle and Aurora, Colaiannia tried to learn as much about them as possible. "When I heard that Michelle talked about Aurora as a light being now, it inspired the entire direction of the song," he said. "I tried to convey the dark painful beginning transitioning into the release of a beautiful light spirit. The song transitions from darkness into healing and light."

All proceeds from the song will go to Michelle's Official Fund.

Donations can also be mailed to:
The Michelle Wilkins Trust Fund
c/o The Kapsak Law Firm, LLC
1610 Hover St, Suite 203
Longmont, CO 80501

"I believe this is a song that belongs to Aurora and just came through me so I don't feel entitled to any proceeds from this," he said.

Colaiannia believes that public financial support for Michelle will increase as a result of the song. "I want proceeds and awareness to be around Michelle and Aurora," he said.

Colaiannia's hope is that the song will "raise awareness and promote healing." "So many people I know still hurt when they think of what happened," he said.

And, the musical reviewers seem to agree.

"Pianist/composer Louis Colaiannia has recorded a tender and touching composition that pays heartfelt tribute to an unspeakably tragic event. His poignant piano playing is accompanied by strings, horns, and angelic female vocals that reflect both sadness and hope. 'Aurora's Light' is a deeply moving homage filled with empathy and deep soulfulness." -- Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

Kathy Parsons of said, "From tragedy and loss comes a beautiful new piece from composer/pianist Louis Colaiannia in remembrance of a tiny baby who never had a chance at life. The fully acoustic piece titled "Aurora's Light" includes Colaiannia at the piano accompanied by strings, brass and voices. Heartfelt and touching are words that only begin to describe the emotion behind the music, and Colaiannia will donate all of the proceeds from this piece to Aurora's fund."


Louis Colaiannia - Piano
Bijoux Barbosa - Bass
Joey Glassman - Vibraphone and Glockenspiel
Carrie McCune - Flugel Horn
Phil Norman - Cello
Jennifer Scardino - Vocals

The song was produced at
FTM Studios, Lakewood, Colorado
John Sundberg - Co-owner
Steve Sundberg - Co-owner

To listen to the song:

The song will be played on about 160 different outlets, according to Colaiannia. It should be available also on iTunes, Amazon, spotify, rhapsody, Napster as well as additional musical download services, he said.

To purchase the song:

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About Colaiannia
Colaiannia is a virtuoso of classical piano, accomplished songwriter, arranger and performer. He is also a multi-zone Nomination recipient: (Best Ambient Album 2011, Holiday Album of the Year 2012, and Best Chill/Groove 2013)

He holds a Mozart Award for his contributions to music, and his latest release, Closer, continues to show his versatility. Louis is a Primo Award winner two years in a row (2011 and 2012) for Italian American Entertainer of the Year and was recently inducted into the Colorado Italian American Hall of Fame 2012.

Colaiannia performs nationally and recently signed a contract to tour India. He has performed at the Keystone Jazz Festival, Copper Mountain Jazz Festival, the Festival Italiano and the Woodland Park "Vino & Notes" Festival.

Colaiannia is hosting a radio show packed with Smooth AC to New Age/Ambient music and guest appearances. Catch the show via the internet ( or at KYGT (102.7 FM).

When Colaiannia isn't busy writing, arranging or performing, he's usually found working on a nonprofit radio station in support of the Global Youth Music Project.

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About Michelle Wilkins
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