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Michigan Auto Pros Launches in Lincoln Park to Give Foreign or Domestic Cars Reputable Repairs

Launched to provide consumers reputable services for auto repair in Lincoln Park, Michigan a new service company also positions itself as an industry knowledge-base. The newest go-to resource either online or onsite, Michigan Auto Pros offers a comprehensive list of auto repair specialties as well as information on what to expect.


Lincoln Park, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2016 --Providing vehicle owners with exceptional auto repairs in the Great Lakes State, Michigan Auto Pros launches in Lincoln Park. The auto shop offers car and truck owners a comprehensive list of repair services for both the internal and external of a vehicle. From brake repairs to body work the Lincoln Park auto repair shop has a "soup to nuts" approach to auto maintenance. Putting the customer top-of-mind and their vehicle king of the road.

Decidedly focused on being proactive, the company advocates having a car or truck checked frequently for prevention's sake. Mary Combs, CEO of Michigan Auto Pros said of the launch, "We're so happy to provide comprehensive auto repair in Lincoln Park, MI. Now that we're here and happy to provide reputable services, we hope our customers will be proactive in their car or truck's maintenance. On our newly launched site we've provided a long list of blogposts to help them navigate their way through the process of keeping their vehicle in top shape."

Combs goes on to say that regular inspections can reveal problem areas. Areas that are typically forgotten about by the consumer include things like bad steering components which can be dangerous if not found and replaced. To put it bluntly, a simple oil change coupled with an expert inspection can save lives. The CEO adds, "Car safety is more than putting on a seat belt and watching the rear view mirror. We're happy to do what we can to keep your car or truck road ready. But whether you use our Lincoln Park auto shop or someone else's, remember, a reputable service provider should also give documentation of all the areas they checked and serviced. This gives even more piece of mind."

Michigan Auto Pros repair services include:

- Brake Repairs
- Radiator
- Steering System
- Winterization and Tire Maintenance
- Shocks and Struts
- Heating and Cooling Systems
- Hoses
- Electrical Systems
- Alignments
- Muffler Repairs
- Engine Inspection
- Diagnosis
- Engine Repair
- Body Work

For more information visit http://michiganautopros.com/michigan-auto-pros-auto-repair-in-lincoln-park-michigan.

About Michigan Auto Pros
Michigan Auto Pros is a company that strives to provide quality auto repair services in Lincoln Park and Wyandotte, Michigan.

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