Profits Run, Inc.

Michigan Financial Education Firm Offers Market Mastery Trading Guide

Profits Run financial education and training institute provides Market Mastery, a comprehensive guide to successful trading and investment


Wixom, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2014 --Profits Run, a financial education and trading training firm in Wixom, Michigan, is offering a specialized Market Mastery training program that includes the detailed insights, guidance and techniques for building a successful financial foundation through trading. No course is more thorough, adaptable and relatable than the Market Mastery stock trading education system. This premium stock trading course provides an executive-level guidebook for trading that is akin to earning a Master’s degree in stocks trading upon completion. Market Mastery is carefully designed to appeal to both veteran traders and new traders, providing information and insights that any level of trader can profitably apply. First-time traders have access to every aspect needed to successfully work in the markets, from placing trades to advanced trading. Veteran traders can skip to the more advanced training sections for new tips and techniques that maximize their time and introduce new avenues for expanding earnings.

The Market Mastery system is comprised of a two-part system, the first being the proprietary Trade Alert Software. The Trade Alert fast filtering function swiftly spots the stocks and delivers them to users daily, proving a short-list of the best opportunities for traders to focus on. Trade Alert then constantly monitors the markets, generating alerts via email, pop-up, smart phone or tablet when a targeted stock is poised to move. Every tailored alert provides all the info necessary to make quick decisions and market moves that lead to successful trades, including whether to buy or sell, ideal price to enter, where to set protective stops and when to take profits. The software is intelligent and agile enough to adapt to conditions in the market, keeping the trader abreast of conditions and reducing risk every minute.

The second part of the Market Mastery system consists of a comprehensive course for traders to study at home. The home study course provides the added information and insight that allows each trader who completes the course to use the Trade Alert system to its full advantage. Independent Traders will be able to navigate the markets more closely and more successfully, using the software in conjunction with their increased knowledge to perform even better, and begin to expand their sights on more sophisticated trading ventures. The at-home training system includes instructional DVDs, manuals, blueprints, and quick-start guides. Market Mastery clearly and honestly discusses the methods that drive the software and how it reacts and adjusts to market conditions, removing the mystery and increasing the student’s expertise along the way. To learn more about Market Mastery and the other training available by Profits Run, visit them online at