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Michigan Man Found Guilty of Murder & Manslaughter Despite Self Defense Claims

19 Year Old McBride Was Unarmed & Intoxicated When Shot in the Head


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2014 --Theodore Wafer was found guilty of both 2nd degree murder and manslaughter in Detroit, Michigan today for the death of Renisha McBride.

Wafer testified to the grand jury that he was more scared than he had ever been in his life when he heard banging on his door at 4:00am on November 13, 2013. When asked why he didn’t call 911, Wafer noted that he couldn’t find his cell phone.

19-year-old McBride had crashed her car nearby before knocking on Wafer’s door that morning. According to toxicology reports and witnesses with her that night, she was severely intoxicated.

McBride was unarmed and prosecutors assume she was looking for help to get home when she knocked on Wafer’s door that November morning.

The case has drawn national attention, with controversy drawing parallels between this case and the Trayvon Martin case. (, the suspect in the Trayvon Martin murder case was found not guilty.

Stand your ground laws vary from state to state, giving certain distinguishable rights to people so they can stand their ground against attackers and violence. By contrast, Texas stand your ground laws would have protected Wafer’s right to protect himself more freely against an intruder if he feared for his life.