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Micro Com Offers Scanning and Digitization in Seattle to Assist Medical and Dental Offices

Keep historical papers and patient charts safe with professional medical and dental scanning services.


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2021 --For businesses in the medical and dental sectors, Micro Com Systems offers scanning services tailored to these industries. For more, go to https://www.microcomseattle.com/solutions/

As a Seattle-based company in the document scanning business since 2000, Micro Com Systems' professional, high-volume scanning services make it easy for physicians to digitize and store current and historical charts and file x-rays as PDFs in an electronic medical records system.

The process is simple. Beginning with the paper files, every page is examined, any rips and tears are repaired, and any staples are removed. All documents are then digitized using high-volume scanners.

Once scanned, every page is checked for quality. This means comparing each digital image to the original paper document. Anything of substandard quality is rescanned. After the scanning process, each file can be named according to the individual clinic or doctor's preference.

Benefits of Scanning Medical and Dental Files

- Disaster Recovery – Once paper patient charts are digitized, the data can be stored on office systems, plus backed up off-site to protect them from fire, theft, deterioration, misfiling or loss.

- Worldwide Retrieval – Once in a digital format, patient files can be safely retrieved on-line instantly from anywhere. Eliminates the need to carry around paper charts.

- EMR Compatible – Store all of historical charts as PDF attachments to the patient's file in an EMR system. Micro Com can structure data to easily import into most EMR systems.

The team members from Micro Com Systems Ltd have experience scanning hundreds of thousands of patient charts, x-rays, and other medical records. A confidentiality agreement can be signed to allow for the transfer of patient data.

Request an evaluation program where the team at Micro Com will put together a service package proposal at no cost. Clients may also request a free sample using their own documents.

Micro Com Systems can tailor services to fit exactly what any medical or dental office needs. There's no document scanning job that's too big or difficult. Call 206-248-3191 to learn more about document scanning and digitization in Seattle.

About Micro Com Systems
Since 1975, Micro Com Systems has been providing local businesses with Document Management Solutions. Their list of products and services includes: Document Imaging & Management, Archival & Book Scanning, Medical Imaging, OCR, Large Format Scanning, Microfilm Scanning, Aperture Card Scanning, Enterprise Report Management (ERM), High Speed Printing, Capture Software, and Capture Equipment.

For more information, please visit https://www.microcomseattle.com/ or call (206) 248-3191.

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