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Mid-Eastern Industries New HWD Series – High Precision Linear Power Supply

High Precision Linear Power up to 400V at 200W.


Bergenfield, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/19/2021 --ME's new HWD Series High Precision Linear Power Supply provides pure linear regulated DC power designed to be used in laboratory, system, R&D, and production test applications. They are preferrable to switching power supplies in critical applications where very low noise and very low ripple are essential for critical performance measurements.

The HWD Series units provide full rated voltage or current at any setting (without the need for derating) up to a maximum power of 200 Watts. They operate as both constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) mode power supplies, depending on the load and control settings. In addition, HWD Power Supplies can be connected in series or parallel to obtain double the rated power for critical applications where higher power and low noise are essential.

Other benefits of the HWD Series Power Supplies include extremely stable output regulation for both line (source) and load variations, as well as a remote sense feature in the rear terminals for excellent regulation at the point of load.

The optional IEEE 488 (GPIB), LAN, RS485 and RS232 interface allows the HWD Series to operate as a Programmable High Precision Linear Power Supply for critical system and test measurements. The HWD Series Half-Rack design comes standard as a Benchtop power supply, and can be mounted on a rack with the optional 5.25" X 19" (3U) rack mount tray, which allows for the mounting of two HWD units side-by-side.

"HWD Power Supplies combine legendary Mid-Eastern reliability with the functionality our customers demand," explained Moshe K. Levy, EVP of Mid-Eastern.

About Mid-Eastern
Since 1959, Mid-Eastern Industries has been the world leader in Linear Power Supply design and manufacture. Offering a full line of programmable and non programmable Linear Power Supplies, the company serves military and industrial applications which require high precision and low noise DC power sources with optional RS232, RS485, RJ45 or IEEE-488 communication protocol. The company is the leading choice of the US Navy for highly complex linear power systems, as well as a preferred supplier of linear multi-rack power systems for control systems as used in the pharmaceutical, oil, process control, automation, and high power audio amplification industries.