Midwest Eye Associates

Midwest Eye Associates Takes Fitting for Eyeglasses Into the Future

M’eyeFit Digital Measuring Devise ensures Accuracy of Fit for Eye Glass Wearers


St. Charles, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2014 --The optometrists at Midwest Eye Associates are known for “pushing the envelope” to better serve their patients. Today the practice announced yet another technology breakthrough for the office with the installation of M’eyeFit™ a digital measuring device that allows optometrists a quick, consistent, and accurate when measuring patients for eyeglasses.

“We are all human and on rare occasions there are fitting errors when measuring patients for glasses,” stated Brad Byergo, OD, one of the practicing optometrists at Midwest Eye. “As with all aspects of our practice, if we can utilize technology to be more precise and faster for our patients, we will move in that direction and that’s what M’eyeFit provides us.”

Each time a patient purchases a new pair of eyeglasses, they need to be fit properly on the patient’s face to ensure proper look and that their eye is centered within the lens. Glasses should fit snuggly but not tight.

All in all, the process takes time and skill and has enough variables that there is opportunity for error. M’eyeFit uses patented software technology and calculations to take all of these variable into consideration and produce the correct measurements for each and every patient. Just as important, the system stores the information should there be a need for a second pair or a replacement pair in the near future.

“In the short time we have been using M’eyeFit in our office, our technicians are very pleased, our doctors are delighted with the results and most importantly, our patients find it fast, easy and the glasses they receive fit perfectly,” reported Jerry Becker, OD. “Patients who have not yet experienced this technology will be pleasantly surprised how it improves the overall eye care visit in so many ways. We are fortunate to be using this technology with our patients.”

About M'eyeFit System
The M’eyeFit system can also display images of patients wearing different frames they may be interested in purchasing. This is a great tool for patients who have difficulty seeing their selections without their eyeglasses prescription. Using side-by-side comparisons, patients can choose among frames they are considering.