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Mike Ideas' New Chrome Extension Promises to "Make Shopping Amazon Easy Again"

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Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/18/2019 --Every hour Amazon updates the 100 most-ordered products in various industry categories, but there is no free way to keyword-search these Best Seller pages. Enter Search Best Sellers, a new Chrome extension by Mike Ideas, a multimedia creative studio based in Winter Park Florida. With this simple extension, customers can instantly see the 100 most-purchased (and usually most reviewed) options, 100% ad-free with no "sponsored" products or Amazon Choices. The extension is completely free & all purchases made through the engine provide a small affiliate commission for the company.

"I was tired of sifting through ads on Amazon and returning products that broke or were just plain bad. Eventually, I started Googling specific Best Seller pages that I couldn't keyword search on Amazon. The products there had thousands of more reviews and were objectively ranked by quantifiable purchases.

Search Best Sellers streamlines this Googling process and is now my go-to research method as it shows me how the products I'm considering stack up against industry leaders. It's a little tool with a great ability to raise expectations about the items and businesses we choose to support within a multi-billion dollar platform." - Michael Diaz | Founder & Creative Director

Unlike the rest of Amazon, Best Seller category pages contain no ads or sponsored product placements. Bestsellers are updated hourly & ranked by sales over all time, not ratings/reviews (which can be easily purchased). These Best Seller pages provide the fastest, easiest way to find a product without scouring potentially biased & sponsored review websites.

It's great for shoppers who are not certain about what category a desired product fits into. Because Best Sellers are broken into so many various nested categories, searching for a general category can lead to a more specific one. Searching "shoes" links shoppers to the bestselling "men's shoes", but also links to the best hiking shoes, the best running shoes and the best walking shoes. Search best "headphones" to produce lists for Bluetooth headphones, noise-canceling headphones, and over-ear headphones.

Shoppers can currently Google "amazon bestseller [product category],' but Search Best Sellers provides tiny pictures of the #1 product in each listed category, and it filters out similarly titled (though irrelevant) Amazon pages. Thanks to ads, sponsored products, automated "Amazon Choice" options cluttering searches, it's getting more and more difficult to find the best Amazon products on alone.

Still in Beta, Search Best Sellers has just released a new Chrome Extension of their search engine and is working on updates to help shoppers make the most educated decisions possible. Its goal is to make shopping Amazon even easier, encourage thoughtful spending and empower long-term purchases that reduce returns & waste on the planet.

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About Search Best Sellers
Search Best Sellers helps consumers save time and money while shopping online. Our free web app allows you to search for the 100 most-sold products in over 1000 best-seller categories. Search Best Sellers members can shop with confidence on Amazon knowing that the best-seller pages they visit are ad-free. Our simple search engine lets consumers use keywords to discover the best seller categories they want to see, without having to sort through links and ads on Amazon or Google.

Michael Diaz
Founder & Creative Director